Sunday, October 20

My 27 Thanks:

1. I had very little to haul into church this morning. It is sometimes really nice to not have too many props for my illustration. I especially enjoy this when Gary is not with me to help.

2. Judah listens to me when we are in the parking lot. I am so glad that he obeys right away, especially when his safety is at risk.

3. For every service, I am greeted by the sweetest of people at the Welcome Doors. I love friendly faces.

4. We had a great, smooth Sunday. And, we continue to grow.

5.  Attendance was high for Vision Sunday.

6. Generations Initiative launched. I am super excited for the future of Crossroads Church.

7. A family visiting from out-of-state pulled me aside after service and told me how much their kids LOVED our kids service and couldn’t wait to take back some of the ideas to use for their kids church.

8. Excited kids.

9. Crossroads Kidz Ministry is built on 4 core values: Safety/Security, Excellence, Passion, and Kindness. Every service, I am joined by a team of leaders who represent these 4 cores well.

10. I handed out another application to get involved in Kidmin!

11. The Kidmo kids loved the video on Jonah that I showed them…there was a ton of laughter in the room.

12. Even though Jonah ran from God, he was able to repent and run back to God!

13. The possibility of being swallowed by a whale is almost non-existent for me.

14. Our Sweet Life series is proven to be a huge success. The kids are soaking it in and loving it.

15. Its only week 3 and they all have the power verse memorized.

16. Mr. Bob made it to kidmo. I thought he was going to be gone as well, but he came home early to help out. I am so thankful. He is an awesome 5th grade small group leader and without him, we would have had one very large, small group.

17. My in-laws helped me with Judah once again. It is really nice to have a home to take Judah to when I have to work 12 hour days.

18. Christmas Production practice went really well. The dancers learned part 1 of a big medley piece. It is such a fun number.

19. I am getting to work with a new choreographer this year. Meagan has done a great job and I am so glad she said, “Yes.”

20. Michael and Mike are working so hard on the silent clown sketches.

21. October is Pastor Appreciation month. The pastoral staff was appreciated tonight at Crossroads Church.

22. Pastor Ted and Tami always tell us how much they appreciate us.

23. Not only did they show appreciation to me, but they also bought Judah a really cute goodie bag of toys.

24. This was my last Sunday for a REALLY LONG time that I have to do ministry without Gary. He is my favorite ministry partner and it is just easier when he is by my side.

25. Pastor Marc helped me adjust a video for my Kids ministry service. He is a multi-faceted talent and I am glad he is on my team.

26. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

27. The Word of God is powerful…it can change your life.


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