Selah~Day 160

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah had a very restless night, but when he woke this morning he seemed great.

2. Everything appears to be better in the morning.

3. We ended up not having to take Judah to the doctor. He seemed so much better this morning.

4. Dr. Rogers is an exceptional doctor. We love him as our family doctor.

5. The preschool praise party room will be open this coming Sunday. It will be such a great new addition to our preschool department.

6. The new praise party room is bigger and requires less travel for our preschoolers.

7. John Stimson has worked really hard to make the room happen for us.

8. My friend, Laura, completed her first week of her 10k reasons journey. It is going to change her life.

9. Being thankful changes your life.

10. Gary and I joked back and forth with each other all day. Smack talk is healthy for a marriage…ha ha ha.

11. Gary is into details. He constantly wants to improve and finds quality in details.

12. Bo, a fellow fire-fighter and friend, loaned Gary a special tool to finish our fence. It is almost done and looks so good!

13. Pastor Ted played a joke on us today. And, we totally fell for it…all of us…hook, line, and sinker!

14. The joke ended with all of us partaking in ice cream together.

15. The joke broke the stigma of a 4:30 meeting.

16. We had homemade vegetable soup for dinner. It was yummy and healthy.

17. Judah wants to sit on my lap even at the dinner table. He is my little “hip attachment” especially when I have been away from him all day.

18. We eat dinner together as a family.

19. We carved Judah’s first pumpkin tonight. It was fun. He was so proud of his happy pumpkin.

20. Gary cut his finger on the carving knife. After a while, it stopped bleeding and he is okay. I am so glad that he isn’t squeemish with blood. I had to walk away!

21. Judah had an absolute blast tonight with a whoopi cushion. He calls it his “tooter.”

22. Judah throws his head back now when he is laughing. I love hearing him laugh.

23. Judah had his first “real” bike crash tonight. But, he only suffered a few scratches and cried for just a moment.

24. When Gary saw the crash happen, he dropped his coffee into the grass and took off running after Judah. He is so gentle and caring with everyone.

25. I watched the scenario unfold from a distance and then later replayed it in my head. It was a perfect example of our Heavenly Fathers response to us when we fall down and get hurt. He is close to the broken-hearted and He comes to our rescue with a gentle hand and lots of love and care.

26. Compassionate people.

27. Gentleness.


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