Selah~Day 162

Wednesday, October 23

My 27 Thanks:

1. I got to take Judah to school today. I love holding his hand as we walk into the building.

2. I found out today that I am off work on the day of Judah’s school Christmas musical.

3. I get to help with the “games” portion of Judah’s fall festival at school.

4. Today was open enrollment for the Fire Departments health insurance. Once again, I am so thankful for great medical/dental insurance.

5. Gary helped me shop for Fall Festival items.

6. Today, marks the two year anniversary of my friend’s deliverance from an eating disorder. I am so glad that we can celebrate her and her freedom.

7. I got to have lunch with my friend, Debby, at McAlisters. We always have  a great time.

8. October is Pastor Appreciation month. Today, I was blessed with two really sweet cards.

9. One card was from my sweet little friend, Ananda. She always greets me with a smile and hug. Today, she also gave me a special card that she made.

10. The weather is wonderful for the Ranger Kid pumpkin patch, It is an awesome event.

11. Aaron taught me how to drag sound effects into sound board. I love learning new things and being self-sufficient.

12. I am becoming more and more tech savvy.

13. Progress.

14. We had dinner tonight in the cafe. I love that option.

15. Mr. Jerold joined us for dinner. He is such a wise man, full of the Word. And, Judah loves him. He brings a strawberry sprinkled donut for Judah every Sunday morning.

16. The Holy Spirit reminded me of a small group lesson I had put together 2 years ago for Obedience. It fits perfect for this week’s small group needs.

17. The boys had an absolute blast at the Ranger Kids Pumpkin Patch and they looked so cute in their bandanas and cowboy hats.

18. I love opportunities for kids to experience good, old fashioned fun OUTSIDE.

19. We played our memory verse mania game in opening ceremony. I love watching kids get excited about the Word of God.

20. We were blessed with an Outback giftcard tonight by some sweet friends.

21. I have an awesome group of Ranger and Girls Ministry leaders.

22. The Friends class and the 5th grade Stars class teamed up for Movie and Snack night. We watched One Night with the King.

23. A friend found out today that several masses discovered in her breasts where no longer there. They couldn’t find anything.

24. God’s Word doesn’t return void.

25. His promises come to past. They are forever and they never change.

26. My friend, Lacey’s, surgery went so well. She is doing great.

27. He is Faithful.



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