Selah~Day 163

Thursday, October 24

My 27 Thanks:

1. I live super close to my in-laws and I love that fact.

2. I love my “new side” of town.

3. There are NO train tracks in my path that can slow down my day. I don’t miss the 4th street train at all. It may seem petty, but I was stalled at it ALL the time.

4. I got much accomplished in a 20 minute time frame and it helped me focus in our meeting.

5. Pastor Marc shared his Mary Monologue piece in Creative Meeting-it was awesome. Christmas at Crossroads is going to be good!!!!

6. Free Lunch Leftovers are quick and cheap! I am so glad I got to partake.

7. I was able to run a couple of errands during my lunch break today. It really helped lighten my evening schedule load.

8. There were many volunteers at church today helping with the event center. I love seeing people share their expertise or business experience to further the work of God. Their efforts are making it possible to meet our completion goal.

9. Lacey continues to do well and is getting to go home from the hospital earlier than expected.

10. My neighbor’s heart rate dropped quickly and she collapsed. But, it looks like she is going to be okay.

11. The first responders were so kind and gentle with her. I personally love first responders. Paramedics on the fire department are amazing!

12. Details.

13. Abby Darrah is graduating soon with her degree in Education.

14. Abby is open to what God has for her. I am so proud of her.

15. Higher Education.

16. My sweet mother-in-law kept Judah for 2 extra hours so I could conduct a late meeting.

17. When I picked Judah up, my in-laws had dinner waiting for me. I am so blessed by them all the time.

18. Judah didn’t want to leave. He loves playing over at his mom-moms house with his cousins.

19. Judah and I came home and finished our craft project–we made our very own choo-choo train. We had so much fun with that $3 project.

20. With Judah’s great help, I put the whole project together with no needed help from Gary. Yep, I can work with wood, glue, and paint without making too big of a mess.

21. Judah and I snuggled in bed together and watched “The Little Engine Who Could”–we had trains on our minds that evening.

22. Judah has a very sensitive heart and he recognizes good and evil.

23. Judah hates madness, anger, and evil. He prefers happiness, joy, and good. We promote those good things in our home too and don’t allow anything that represents darkness into our home.

24. We had a great, peaceful, relaxing night.

25. Zephaniah 3:17…”The Lord my God is living among me…”

26. Zephaniah 3:17…” He will take delight in me with gladness…”

27. Zephaniah 3:17…” With His love, He will calm ALL of my fears!”



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