Selah~Day 165

My 27 Thanks:

1. We slept in…yes, 8:00 is sleeping in for the Hendricksons.

2. The rain held off, so we got to take our scheduled Christmas mini pictures with Mrs. Katie.

3. Even though HE DID NOT SMILE at all for pictures, we still got Judah Orange Leaf as a treat for dressing up in a shirt and sweater vest. However, next time I am adding shoes to the list of “must wear for pictures” before you get Orange Leaf.

4. God protects us when we drive. Today, I felt stressed in the car. I hate road construction areas when a semi truck is driving beside me.

5. The facility team has been working so hard on the Event Center. I am so glad that they got to spend today with their families and rest.

6. Judah told me that he is not a small kid or a big kid…”Mommy, I am a medium sized kid.” Where does he get these comments.

7. Judah brings me so much joy.

8. I am not a single parent. I can’t imagine raising a child by myself. It is tough work. I have great respect and sympathy for those who have to parent alone.

9. God is speaking some great truths to my friend’s life. As Laura remains faithful to this 10k blog journey, her life will be transformed. Thankfulness changes you.

10. We spent all afternoon and evening at our home. What a wonderful, relaxing day.

11. The Mondragons are doing well and are in great spirits. They are going to be just fine.

12. We had a spontaneous snow ball fight with play-doh in the kitchen today.

13. My superstar friend, Debby Torres, is filling in for Miss Cherryl tomorrow in the 4s class. Debby is so faithful to serve all the time. And, I didn’t even ask. She saw the need and volunteered.

14. Judah sat in my lap and we watched the Halloween Team Umizoomi special. We love watching that show together. We learn so much about numbers and patterns.

15. Gary and I spent most of the afternoon and early evening creating a really cool prop for my sermon tomorrow in KidMotion. The kids will probably go home and talk about it. It is really cool. I will talk more about it tomorrow. I don’t want to spoil the element of surprise.

16. Kids are so much cooler than adults. They get excited about everything.

17. Family game of hide-and-go-seek always brings great fun and great laughter.

18. Judah finds amazing hiding spots, but always tells us where he is hiding. I love it.

19. We did pretend play too. I was the Big Bad Wolf and Judah and Gary were the “two little pigs.” Judah thought that it was so funny when I blew down the house.

20. Gary gave Judah his bath tonight so I could have some peace and quiet to write this blog.

21. Tonight, I heard Gary playing and singing the song that we played at our wedding almost 9 years ago. I still love that song…it was a song called, Faithful. It was written and performed by Enter the Worship Circle.

22. OU won the football game, so Sooner fans will be happy tomorrow for church.

23. Judah told me tonight that he was afraid of scary eyes when it is dark. I told him that he didn’t have to be afraid of anything because Jesus is always with us. To that, he said, “But, Momy, Jesus doesn’t live in my house.” Yes, a wonderful, sweet discussion followed and we ended the conversation with the song, “My Best Friend, Jesus.” We sing it all the time and it goes like this:

He’s always with me and I’m so happy…I love my friend, Jesus.

I love my friend, Jesus. I love my friend, Jesus. I love my friend, Jesus.

Our preschool department is going to sing that song for the whole church in the December 22 AM church service.

24. He is always with me.

25. Jesus is my best friend.

26. I don’t have to be afraid.

27. I am not only a friend of God, but I am a Child of God.


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