Selah~Day 166

I want to sing You a love song. You are the thief of my heart. Rhythm and Rhyme try to describe it. No matter how hard I try I can’t fight it. No, I can’t fight it. 

Faithful, You are Faithful. I have found nothing but good in your heart.

Loving, You are Loving. I am in love with the way that you are.

Thankful, I am Thankful. I have been running away on my own.

But, then you found me. And, Oh how you loved me. I know you’ll never leave me alone.

I want to sing You a love song. You are the Love of my life. Rhythm and Rhyme try to explain it. No matter how hard I try I can’t contain it. I can’t contain it. 

Faithful, You are Faithful…

The words to this song, Faithful, by Enter the Worship Circle, were sung at my wedding. They are sweet words for the Lover of my soul-Jesus. Tonight, I share them with you.

My 27 Thanks:

1. He is loving.

2. He is faithful.

3. He found me.

4. He will never leave me alone.

5. I am thankful.

6. Our prop for my KidMotion sermon made it to church safely and in one piece.

7. Gary is off on Sundays NOW!!!!! Hip Hip Hooray. He helped me carry in all my props.

8. The sound system in KidMotion was messed up, but Jameson came to the rescue. He had it fixed in no time. I am so thankful that the Big Church team helps out the “little church” team. We are all ONE team.

9. The pre-service game went over really well in KidMotion. I loved the new service layout.

10. 90% of our Kidmotion kids went to the bathroom during “Potty Time.” We had very few leave during the service to go to the restroom. That, my friends, is huge! They went because of the changes we made to our pre-service lineup. I might just be smarter than a 5th grader.

11. Strategy. Change. Thinking outside the box. Success!

12. Meagan, a 5th grader who just moved here from Virginia, came up to me excited on Sunday. She couldn’t wait to share the Sweet Life power verse with me. She got it right…word for word!

13. My kidmin team rocks. They are so faithful to the call that God has put on their life.

14. We had a tech heavy KidMotion service this week. Jeremy nailed every cue.

15. The kids loved the object lesson. Gary and I made a HUGE dinosaur out of play-doh. It took many hours, but it was worth it. I wanted to illustrate that if we allow our lives to be used by God, to be molded and shaped by God, then He can turn us into someone amazing.

16. Many kids responded to the altar time for prayer. We have a great group of kids who want to Obey right away.

17. The new preschool praise party room solved our biggest problem. My team was thrilled to not have to haul 75 preschoolers down the hallway for the preschool service. We love the new room.

18. All 3 dances for the Christmas production are choreographed and learned. The girls have worked so hard and learned every dance in record time. Now, we just have to work on cleanup.

19. We laughed much in practice and have a great time together.

20. New faces have joined the team of dancers. Some are really stepping out of their comfort zone. I am so proud of them.

21. The Event Center grand opening was awesome. Over 500 people came out for the great occasion. They loved the new space. I enjoyed listening to the hundreds of comments that went a little something like this, “Wow, this is beautiful.” “I can’t believe how big it is.” This is going to be an amazing space.”

22. The flood destruction is officially GONE. It has been replaced with BEAUTY. (P.S. My old office is now the location of the new men’s restroom. I am not going to read into that one…ha ha ha).

23. Gary got several compliments on his new style of dress. It made him more confident in my fashion choices for him. He looked so handsome.

24. I received some of the sweetest cards and gifts from precious people thanking me for serving kids. Their words of kindness and encouragement are so special to my heart.

25. Even though it was an incredibly long, scheduled day, we got to eat with my sister Haley during our lunch break. We met at Pei Wei and had a delicious meal on the patio! It was great seeing her.

26. Arizona joined us for lunch. She is a precious young lady who loves Jesus and loves people. I love her sweet heart.

27. Gary rubbed my feet with peppermint oil. My feet were so sore from standing all day, so the rub was so appreciated! Truly, the way to my heart is through my feet. Ha Ha Ha!~



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