Selah~Day 167

My 27 Thanks:

1. Amy Hoover celebrates her 40th birthday today. I love this woman. She has been right by my side and in my ear during some of the darkest of days that I have walked through. Her words of wisdom and encouragement have been true life lines in my life. I treasure her friendship and value her heart. Today, I celebrate her life.

2. Amy makes it a point to impact the lives of all those around her.

3. Amy has a gentle spirit. She makes me feel at peace.

4. Amy makes everyone feel included, special, and apart.

5. Amy has a way of brightening up the place.

6. Gary picked up all my fall festival pumpkins. He found them at a really good price. Last year, we wanted until the night before to get a good price on large pumpkins and we had to drive to multiple stores. This year, we got a good price and went to one store.

7. The fall festival is ready to go. Now, I just need the weather to cooperate.

8. Starla got a wonderful nights rest after a very long, tiring Sunday. I love hearing about my team resting after big ministry days. Rest is so important.

9. Gary and I enjoyed Qdoba $1 tacos today. It was really nice having a quiet lunch together.

10. My friend Debby sent me a really sweet text. Her words always make my heart smile.

11. Lorry Gail stopped by my office today and we had a nice chat. She has a passionate heart and such a beautiful heart for kids. She especially wants to minister to babies in Romania.

12. A pray was answered today and it is going to be so good.

13. God answers prays. He works in a realm of impossibilities.

14. Great things are WORTH THE WAIT!!!!

15. I made a great dinner while Gary worked on the yard.

16. Gary got several loads of great top soil dirt from our neighbors still under construction yard. I can’t believe they just haul off all that perfectly good dirt. So, our builder gave it to us.

17. We will be able to use the dirt to level out our rolling hills backyard.

18. It was FREE.

19. Judah loved helping his dad work in the dirt. He brought in half the pile too, I think.

20.  It felt really good and somewhat old-fashioned for my husband to come inside filthy dirty, wash up, and eat the meal I had laid out for him.

21. I have an amazing kitchen and I designed it myself. Well, I found the design on pinterest. But, it is totally my taste!

22. Gary always helps clean the kitchen.

23. Judah picked up the Moustrap game without being asked. He likes to keep things clean like his mommy and daddy.

24. My family laughs all the time.

25. We always have a great time when we are together.

26. Judah and I laid in bed and played a new game: “Name Your Favorite.” I asked Judah a series of questions and he told me his favorite. His answers made me laugh. For example, “Where is your favorite place to eat?” His response, “My House.”

27. I see relief in my future.


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