Selah~Day 168

Tuesday, October 29

My 27 Thanks:

1. I over slept my alarm, but I still made it out the door in time.

2. My son has never had to go to daycare. I have no problem with daycare, but I have been so blessed to not have to use that service.

3. My mother-in-law opens her home to her grandkids. Literally, they take over her house for the time they are there. Thankfully, it can be cleaned and goes back together relatively easy.

4. Pastor Ted shared his list of “11 Things I Wish I Knew Before Ministry” in staff chapel.  It’s a great list and an eye opener.

5. The freedom to laugh and joke.

6. Database systems that help you track data and run specific reports.

7. At Crossroads, our “front door” is bigger than our “back door.” More people are coming in and staying then leaving.

8. Growth.

9. My church goes above and beyond to help people in need.

10. 50+ women gather on Tuesday mornings for a women’s Bible study. This “small group” continues to grow. I am so glad this group of ladies has an opportunity to come together and study the Word and build relationships.

11. My team is being super flexible with the possibility that we will have to reschedule the fall festival due to weather.

12. Starla brought me back lunch, so I didn’t have to leave work to get anything. I love being able to knock out some to-do’s on my lunch break.

13. I have a corner office with a view and a great big window that lets in lots of sunshine. I love my office. It is a peaceful place to work…well, sometimes. Ha Ha Ha

14. I have an inside job. I am so thankful that I don’t have to work outside in the Oklahoma weather.

15. Open, honest conversation between friends.

16. Accountability.

17. When I opened my car door in my in-laws drive way, Judah greeted me with the words, “Mommy, I am growing bigger and can climb a tree.” He is getting bigger…sniff sniff.

18. He was so excited to climb his first tree. Thankfully, it is a smaller tree and manageable for his size.

19. My brothers and I had a blast climbing trees when we were young. My brother Kyle actually made me climb to the top of a “gum ball” tree if I wanted to be in his boys club! I climbed to the top and he still didn’t let me in. Those were good days though.

20. The memories I have of my childhood are sweet and good.

21. Judah had a wonderful day of play with his cousins.

22. When we got home, we enjoyed a meal of leftovers. I usually hate leftovers and won’t eat them. Gary, on the other hand, will eat anything if it isn’t older than 7 days. Well, I actually enjoyed my plate of leftovers and so did Judah.

23. Judah fell asleep at 8:00 last night. He needed the earlier bedtime because he played so hard.

24. I had a relaxing evening with the Hallmark channel.

25. Countdown to Christmas starts this weekend. I might have a slight addiction to the Hallmark channel. But, watching a cute, funny, romantic movie is truly my method for shutting off my mind and not thinking for a period of time.

26. My husband has a great job. Even though his schedule is tough on our family at times and doesn’t always work well with my work schedule, I am thankful. The benefits outweigh the negatives.

27. The Gospels. I love reading about Jesus’ ministry.


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