Selah~Day 169

Wednesday, October 30

My 27 Thanks:

1. I enjoyed breakfast with my family before heading off to work.

2. The Halloween Paw Patrol was on Nickelodeon this morning. Judah has been wanting to watch it and it finally was on when we were home together. It was fun to watch that with him.

3. I got multiple hugs and kisses from my sweet boy before I left for work.

4. I have a good job.

5. I enjoyed fun conversation with my mom on my commute to work.

6. I always feel healthier after talking to my “health-nut” momma. My mom is a walking encyclopedia of very interesting things…

7. Lynn Steele is breaking ground on her new home! After the May tornado destroyed it, she and her husband, David, are building again.

8. Lynn told me I looked skinny. Skinny has never been a word used to describe me.

9. My friend, Lacey, continues to get better and heal quickly.

10. I had a great conversation with a new friend, Jessica. She is full of faith and a positive outlook on life.

11. Pastor Ted loves to joke…

12. I worked from home this afternoon and was able to finish the Kidmotion lesson for Sunday. I was having a difficult time concentrating, so the change of environment helped me out!

13. I got to play with Judah for a bit before heading back to Wednesday night church service.

14. I appreciate people who are willing to make some tough calls for the better of the whole.

15. I learned that the library has their own version of red box, but the movies are FREE. I found One Night with the King there.

16. The librarian assistant was super helpful and so sweet. I love sweet, helpful people.

17. Because we had to reschedule our fall festival due to the weather, we decided to open Wednesday Night Kidz with a little pumpkin bowling. I have an amazing resource closet and can come up with all kinds of fun games.

18. The kids had a blast and every one had a chance to bowl. Only one person made a strike….and, it was a girl!

19. We were not scheduled to have kidz ministry tonight, but my leaders rallied together and we pulled off  a great night of ministry.

20. The story of Esther is so powerful. I am glad we are studying it with my girls right now.

21. The Mondragon family is on the road to recovery.

22. Our Youth ministry had a fun night with the last-minute costume party.

23. People have shown so much love and support to the Mondragons. When tragedy happens, you need a church family!

24. Tonight might have been a record-breaking dismissal night.

25. Most people were understanding about the fall festival being rescheduled for next Wednesday.

26. On the way home from church, Judah saw a big pile of wood and said, “Look, that looks just like a boat.” And, it did. The pile of wood was in the shape of a boat. I love his smart, imaginative personality.

27. Home.


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