Selah~Day 170

Thursday, October 31

My 27 Thanks:

1. Work went by fast today.

2. I got everything setup for Sunday, so I won’t have to go into work this weekend.

3. Brandon and I had an awesome conference call with Wacky World Studios. They are so full of energy and excitement and anticipation for the great things that creativity can do to a space.

4. Creative thinkers. I love spending time with people who can look at something without life and give it amazing potential.

5. There is potential in EVERYONE.

6. The ability to think outside the box.

7. I briefly met with my architect friends today. We are super close to a final drawing of the new kidz ministry space.

8. Pastor Marcia shared her bread and PB today. Neither one of us had a chance to leave for lunch, so good ole’ filling peanut better sandwich it was.

9. I am not allergic to peanuts. My sweet husband is allergic. I couldn’t imagine not being able to eat peanut products.

10. I got to leave a few minutes early today. I couldn’t wait to get home to Judah. He was so excited to get his costume on and go trick-or-treat with his cousins.

11. My friends are going on a cruise to celebrate their anniversary. I am so excited for this relaxing time that awaits them.

12. My kidmin teammate, Deborah, is finally moving into her own apartment. This is a big step for her and I am thrilled for this new chapter in her life to start.

13. All things are working together for good for the Mondragon family.

14. Judah was so excited for the evening. He couldn’t get over the fact that people gave out candy for free.

15. Judah kept asking if he could eat more dinner, so he could eat more candy.

16. Laci and the boys came over to our house and went trick-or-treat with us.

17. Our neighborhood is a perfect, family friendly place to trick-or-treat. Most of our neighborhood sat outside their home and handed out candy.

18. I love Oklahoma. I love the people of Oklahoma.

19. All the kids that were out were polite, kind, and friendly.

20. Laci and the boys hung out with us after trick-or-treat time. The boys have a blast playing together. It was nice to visit with Laci for a bit too.

21. I have great Sister-in-Laws.

22. Company…It is nice to have guests at my house especially when Gary is away. It makes the evening go by faster.

23. Heather and Krista and their boys came over too. It was nice getting to see them and visit for a bit.

24. The weather was amazing. It wasn’t too hot and not too cold…it was just right!

25. Judah and I had fun sitting on the floor and sorting all of his candy loot into patterns. You can turn any opportunity into a learning opportunity. I love encouraging number and letter recognition with Judah.

26. He loves to learn.

27. I lived another wonderful day and enjoyed every moment with my sweet son, Judah.


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