Selah~Day 171

Friday, November 1


My 27 Thanks:

1. We had a nice, relaxing morning together.

2. Gary made oatmeal. I added fresh berries to mine. It was a healthy start to our wonderful day.

3. Gary gave me a really big hug in the living room and held me close. Then, Judah wanted to be a part and we had one big family hug.

4. We are an affecionate family.

5. I had a surprise phone chat with my SIL, Meghan. It was great to chat with her. I am super excited to host Thanksgiving at my home this year. I love being surrounded by my family.

6. Making holiday plans.

7. My brother, Jake, got a big buck this morning. Maybe now he can relax and enjoy the Fall season… ha ha ha.

8. We went to TG Farms today and had a most wonderful time.

9. My mother-in-law and Judah’s cousins went to TG Farms with us.

10. The weather was exceptionally beautiful.

11. We had the farm almost to ourselves. Truthfully, we were the only ones there for quite a while.

12. Judah has grown so much. Last year he would barely participate, but this year, he led the way in every activity.

13. We got to pick some really fun looking pumpkins at the end of the hayride.

14. It was so nice to soak up some sunshine…Vitamin D is good for the soul.

15. TG Farms is easy on the pocket book and a perfect place for a preschooler.

16. We remembered to tag my car!

17. The Tag Office lady was really nice. Unfortunately, nice people and tag office don’t always go together.

18. Gary, Judah, and I went furniture shopping. We are looking for a perfect piece.

19. We don’t rush decisions. We are patient about big purchases.

20. We had a nice dinner at Outback.

21. Our dinner was free. Some friends of ours blessed us with an Outback giftcard.

22. Judah wanted to sit by me in the restaurant. We had fun coloring the kids menu together.

23. While I got Judah ready for bed, Gary ran to the grocery store and bought some essential items.

24. Judah always helps pick up after himself.

25. We make messes together, but we also clean up together.

26. My mind was completely free from work today.

27. Fun.



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