Selah~Day 172

Saturday, November 2

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and I slept in until 8:45 a.m. I don’t remember the last time this happened.

2. We had a morning full of huggles (hugs + snuggle= huggle)!

3. I always have something on the calendar for each day. But, today, I decided that our calendar is CLEAN. I made a decision that we don’t HAVE to do anything today. This is liberating.

4. We stayed in our PJs all morning long.

5. We played games on the living room floor. Games like Mousetrap and Connect Four are some of Judah’s favorites.

6. I have an active son.

7. He loves life and loves to play.

8. He loves it most when I play with him. He could have the coolest of toys, but he would rather me just play with him.

9. Revelation.

10. The Lord loves it most too when we just spend time with Him.

11. I learned long ago that “You can’t do the work of the Kingdom without the Power of the King.” What a true and powerful statement. It’s time to get close to the King.

12. He is made strong in my weakness.

13. The process sometimes seems slow, but I am always moving forward.

14. Even if you fall down on the track, you don’t have to return to the start line. You just get back up and continue on the path.

15. We ran to Walgreens to pick up some photos and Judah found the toy aisle. He loves playing in the toy aisle. I love that he never complains when I tell him, “No,” on buying certain toys. Because of his attitude, he usually gets something.

16. I let Judah get a box of tools. He is excited to help his daddy fix stuff.

17. One hour photo development is awesome.

18. I live super close to everything.

19. Convenience.

20. We had the most beautiful weather again today.

21. Judah and I enjoyed time outside together. We went for a walk around the block.

22. Judah rode his scooter. He has great balance.

23. I am so glad that I live on a quiet, safe street.

24. I am also glad that cars do not park on the street in my neighborhood. It may be petty, but I do not like neighborhood streets when cars park on both sides…it is so dangerous to me.

25. Judah fell asleep in my arms.

26. Quality time.

27. Gary and I always say, “goodnight.”


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