Saleh~Day 173

Sunday, November 3

My 27 Thanks:

1. We got an extra hour of sleep.

2. Gary got home earlier than normal from the fire station.

3. Gary got to sleep all night, so he felt rested and ready to go for a busy Sunday.

4. Ava Hatton was the first face to greet me at church. Her sweet smile always lights up the room.

5. Ava gives selflessly. She has a beautiful, servant’s heart.

6. Miss Laura stepped in and subbed my girls Sunday School class. She was a great help.

7. Crossroads Kidz Ministry went well.

8. Even though Jeremy was gone, our tech booth ran smoothly.

9. We had to make some changes to our room staffing because of already approaching Holiday plans, but all went well and stayed relatively calm.

10. Felxible and helpful people. You can’t live without them!

11. Starla and Lori do a fantastic job helping me direct the different areas of kidz ministry each Sunday. I am so grateful for them and their leadership on our team.

12. Larry and Joy Henderson help keep the supply closet stocked and clean. I don’t ever have to be concerned with it because they do a great job making it a success for every leader.

13. Miss JaQuisha made 50 turkey crafts for our Elementary aged kids to do during the Generations night of vision.

14. The dancers for the Christmas Production continue to work hard. I am so excited about the 4 numbers we will be showcasing this year.

15. We have fun together and work really hard.

16. Charlie Burchardt and Daniel Draper are a perfect duo for skit comedy. They made us all laugh so hard!

17. Pastor Marc has great talent. He is helping me take the details of the production to another level.

18. Mike McCall and Michael Mondragon are working so hard at a very difficult role. I am so proud of them.

19. Gary is going to help me run sound board. It is a critical piece in the production and I know he can do it. He did great for his first night on the board.

20. Kidcrew Christmas practice started too. I am so excited our kids will be traveling around to nursing homes this Christmas season. They are a blessing.

21. Gary is practicing his music again.

22. Generations has been fully launched.

23. This morning, I taught Week 5 of The Sweet Life. We learned that “I Obey when I am Away!” I told the kids the Bible story about Achan. Achan thought he could take items from Jericho because no one was watching, but he forgot that God is always watching. I am glad that God is always watching.

24. God is watching because He wants to REWARD our obedience.

25. He wants us to live the Sweet Life.

26. Pastor Marcia approved my leave request for tomorrow.

27. I finally get a day off WITH my husband.


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