Selah~Day 175

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary and I were able to pray together this morning before leaving for work.

2. I took the time to blow dry my hair this morning. Wow! It makes all the difference.

3. I enjoyed the staff chapel teaching this morning.

4. It’s not about me. Glad I got that one figured out.

5. I don’t have to be perfect. I just need to desire to improve.

6. Boundaries.

7. Gary and Judah came up to the church and started helping with day one of festival setup.

8. When Judah saw me, he came running into my arms and gave me a giant hug.

9. Judah was actaully a great help. Sometimes that is not the case, but today he really helped me carry some items and saved me a few trips.

10. Judah has a heart to help.

11. On Sunday, 3 different kids brought me roses. I saw the roses again today in the KidMotion room and they made me smile. I pastor some really sweet kids.

12. Judah wanted to walk around with me. He is all about his mommy right now and I am okay with that.

13. My friend, Janelle, is doing well.

14. The team pulled together and cleaned out the gym quickly.

15. We have a big gym that can host the fall festival because of the yucky weather.

16. Pastor Marcia complimented my work today.

17. The human sundae competition is a close race. I am glad our Impact Young Adults could raise some money at our expense!

18. It’s rumored that someone will make sure the Pastor Brandon gets the sundae.

19. We get to use all the leftover cookies for the fall festival.

20. I don’t keep a lot of sweets at my house. It’s a good thing because I would eat them all.

21. Judah ate an entire hamburger for dinner. This never happens.

22. Bethany is in labor…baby Kyla will be here soon.

23. Brittni and Jacob Casaras welcomed baby Zeke into the world today. Both Brittni and Zeke are doing well.

24. My Cali buddy, Danielle, checked up on me today! She is so good at staying in touch.

25. Judah makes us laugh.

26. We are one more day closer to the holidays.

27. Some highschool friends and I shared some funny memories on facebook today. I had a great 4 years in highschool.


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