Selah~Day 186

Sunday, November 17th

My 27 Thanks:

1. I barely slept last night, but I didn’t feel tired upon waking.

2. We are launching a new series in KidMotion this morning. I love new series.

3. The topic of this series, selflessness, is especially important in the life of young and old and every one in between.

4. Jesus teaches us that the least is truly the greatest in the Kingdom.

5. Parables.

6. Jesus came to earth to serve others.

7. Mrs. Lori and her family enjoyed some time away today.

8. But, Miss JaQuisha had everything under control. I love the fact that I have multiple amazing leaders who can lead.

9. There was a sweet presence of peace in Kids Ministry today.

10. My friend, Sande, found favor in a tough situation this past week.

11. Our younger kidmotion kids rocked the challenge in their small groups today.

12. Gary surprised me this morning with a roast, carrots, and potatoes for the crock pot. He stopped by Crest on his way home from the fire station.

13. We came home from church and the roast was ready and smelled wonderful.

14. We got to take a brief power nap.

15. Gary and I learned a valuable lesson in parenting today: Pick your battles!!!!!! A carrot is not worth a 1 hour battle.

16. We had another quick, successful, and fun recording session with Chase. He has done a great job with voice acting for our Christmas Production.

17. I was told today that me new haircut makes me look like Tiffani Amber Theissen. That’s right folks, I have been compared to Kelly Kapowski (sp) from Saved by the Bell!

18. Production practice went well and we were able to do two full run throughs of the show.

19. Lorry Gail took great notes for me.

20. Pastor Marc has been a wonderful addition to our team. He is a great talent.

21. Dustin was able to leave the tech booth tonight and come upstairs to film portions of our practice for our promo video.

22. Pastor Ted beat me at fantasy football, but that is okay. He needed a win. I can always put someone first. Ha Ha Ha.

23. Our neighborhood Christmas lights are up and they look amazing.

24. Judah LOVED seeing the lights. He went on and on about them. Christmas will be so much fun this year with him. For some reason, he thinks that Christmas lights=its going to snow now. So, everytime he sees lights he asks, “Is it snowing yet, mommy?”

25. The weather was perfect today and definitely not cold enough for snow.

26. We had fun during bathtime tonight. Judah asked me to spell different words with his bath letters. He loves to learn.

27. Sleep.


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