Selah~Day 191

Saturday, November 23

My 27 Thanks:

1. There is no better way to start your day with morning devotions. I am so glad I have both Rick Renner’s devotion, Sparkling Gem, and Smith Wigglesworth’s devotion book. Two great devos!

2. I could hear Gary in the other room praying over us this morning.

3. Judah makes his eyes really big and uses dramatic speech when he is telling me something that he is excited about.

4. I have a house to clean.

5. Gary helps me clean.

6. All bathrooms are ready for guests this next week.

7. Gary and I turned cheap crates into a really cool, cost effective book shelf. I will have to figure out a way to post pictures. But, I am super pleased.

8. We took Judah to Bass Pro Shop to have fun in Santa’s Village.

9. Santa’s Village is well done at Bass Pro. Judah wanted NOTHING to do with Santa Claus. But, Santa was kind and gave Judah a candy cane anyway.

10. We ran into JL Hurst and his grandsons at Bass Pro. It was so nice to visit with JL. He is a great man of God and a wonderful granpa to his two grandsons. I love running into families outside of church.

11. We went to Hobby Lobby and they took back curtain rod parts that were at least 3 mos. old. I am so glad I was able to return them since they didn’t fit my curtains.

12. We let Judah pick out his very own tree to decorate. He picked a perfect tree.

13. We had  a blast putting up Judah’s tree together. He was so excited and proud of his little tree.

14. I love working on projects with my sweet little family.

15. Judah picked multi-colored lights, red beads, red ornaments, and red snow flakes for his tree. Yes, his new favorite color is red. He still loves orange, but red is a close first.

16. Gary gave Judah a bath so I could spend some time studying for my KidMotion message.

17. After Judah’s bath, I read him a story by his Christmas Tree. He wanted me to read the story with the lights out because his tree looked so much better. It was tough, but you do what you can do.

18. Gary is practicing Christmas Carols on his guitar. I love listening to him play.

19. Family bedtime prayers.

20. I am so thankful for the little traditions my sweet family is starting.

21. I am thankful for the values that we live by and the committments we make to each other in our family.

22. Gary and I are committed to eating at home for every meal all week. So far, we are successful.

23. When I fix my gaze on Him, I dwell in perfect peace.

24. When I seek first the Kingdom of God, no evil thing will touch me.

25. I huger and thirst for the Righteousness of God.

26. After months or research, years of savings, and lots of internet searches, Gary and I finally ordered Judah’s big gift for this year. It is going to swallow our backyard, but it should provide great fun for Judah and his friends for years to come. I can’t wait for it to be here.

27. He never leaves us or forsakes us. He is close.


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