Selah~Day 192

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah woke up and wanted to watch the weather channel. He got so excited that the weatherman said, “the snow is coming.”

2. We made it to church safely.

3. The roads were pretty slick and icy in spots, but everyone was driving carefully.

4. Most of my leaders came to church too. They are committed to the call God has placed on them.

5. No one slipped in the icy parking lot.

6. Because we had such a small group of kids due to the weather, I made the decision to change my message for the morning. My team took the change and executed flawlessly.

7. Now, I have all my props, notes, videos, and small group activities already to go for this coming Sunday!

8. We got to spend some one-on-one time with our kids because there was such a small group. It was really nice getting to enjoy them.

9. We had so much fun and laughed a lot. The kids loved the Holiday matching game, Turkey Trivia, and our small group Thankfulness activity.

10. Ava has the Angel Tree ready to go and Angels are hanging from it. I love this project.

11. We have the opportunity to bless both kids and senior adults this year.

12. I go to church with a very giving group of people.

13. Even in the ice and snow, guest came to church yesterday. I met a new little boy named Tyson. When he left KidMotion, he told his grandpa, “I want to come back here everyday!” I love hearing how much fun kids have with us.

14. Kids will either remember you for being fun or for being mean. You get to choose the memory! I will totally be the fun one.

15. We made it home safely and had amazing chilli for lunch. Even though it was left-over, it might have tasted even better than the night before.

16. We spent the afternoon in our PJs.

17. Sundays are usually our busiest day of the week. But, the weather changed our day and it turned out to be a surprisingly relaxing family day.

18. Judah and Gary both took 2.5 hour naps. They must have been really tired. I wish I could just fall asleep during the day.

19. Gary played Christmas Carols on the guitar and we sang Away in a Manger together.

20. Judah and I put up his Nativity scene together.

21. Because Judah was so rested, he was ready to play hard the rest of the night. I love his energetic spirit.

22. Gary and I got to enjoy a movie together. I am so thankful that he doesn’t mind watching Hallmark movies with me. He is such a romantic sweetie.

23. We had a blast reading Sam’s bitstrips on Facebook. Sam and Starla are so funny. They make us laugh.

24. I am so thankful for funny people.

25. I was spontaneous today.

26. The laundry is caught up. It seems like a never-ending task. So, when it is all done…I celebrate.

27. We celebrate big and small victories in our home.


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