Selah~Day 208 “Laughter does a body good!”

Laughter and happiness are natural immune booster. Wikipedia defines laughing as an involuntary reaction to certain external or internal stimuli. Laughter can arise from such activities as being tickled, or from humorous stories or thoughts. Most commonly, it is considered a visual expression of a number of positive emotional states, such as joy, mirth, happiness, relief, etc.

I love to laugh. And, events that took place this past year tried to steal my laughter. If you read this blog, you have noticed that I am often thankful for laughter. Like milk, it does a body good. So, I purposefully love to laugh, love to be around people who make me laugh, and love to experience entertainment that makes me laugh. The Bible too is very clear about the importance of Joy. It even says the JOY of the Lord gives my body strength.

When Lorry Gail and I sat down to write out this year’s Christmas production, I told her that I wanted to call it Celebrate Christmas and I wanted to make people laugh. Many of us think the holiday season is full of fun and friends and family. For most of us, it is. But, there are also people who find this time to be very lonely, sad, and a reminder of loss. Unfortunately, the true meaning of this most beautiful season is lost in their sadness and despair. So, people need to experience laughter…they need JOY.

I am so glad that Heaven will be filled with laughter and joy and fun. In kid’s church, our number one rule is to “Have Fun in Church.” I want our kids to want to come to church because they know that serving God is the coolest, best decision that they could ever make. You see, when you invite Jesus into your life, He becomes your true source of Joy. When happenings steal your happiness, they can never steal your joy because it comes from the Lord who is alive and well on the inside of you.

On opening night of our Celebrate Christmas Production, joy filled the room. I heard lots of laughter and people left with big smiles on their faces. I heard comments like, “this was so fun” and “I laughed so much.” It was a fun night and too top it all off, people invited the true source of JOY into their lives-they received Jesus.

My 27 Thanks:

1. Laughter.

2. Laughter is a natural immune booster.

3. I recently read an article that shows science supports this idea “people who live upbeat lives with positive perspectives will live longer, healthier lives.”

4. God is a God of celebration.

5. Jesus is the source of Joy in my life.

6. Happenings may affect my happiness, but they never steal my JOY!

7. Judah had a great day back at school.

8. He learns so many great things. And, they use the Word of God to teach him great things.

9. Gary and I enjoyed lunch on the main sanctuary stage while wrapping production Christmas presents together.

10. The work that Jonathan and Jameson have done on the sound system is amazing. It sounds spectacular and balanced throughout the entire sanctuary. Who would have thought that there is an incredible amount of math involved in running sound. Yikes…I knew there was a reason I need to stay away from that booth.

11. Lindsay Crow-Snider is moving back to the Oklahoma City area. I am so glad to have Lindsay, Jared, and sweet Brooklyn close by. I can’t wait for them to get here.

12. My Christmas cards finally arrived. I am so impressed with the quality of Wal-Mart cards. This is the first year that I used them. Wow, I got a great card for a much cheaper price.

13. I am so thankful for Teri Darrah and Tami Miller. I have had a great time working with them on this production. Both ladies are class acts!

14. Before the show, everyone was excited, a little nervous, and having a great time with one another.

15. People where taking group pictures with one another…capturing memories for years to come.

16. Lorry Gail is an amazing makeup artist. She is a great talent and I have enjoyed working with her immensely.

17. Opening night of Celebrate Christmas production went well.

18. We had very few technical difficulties and managed well through them.

19. I work with a great team of techies.

20. Gary could have been a surgeon. He is so calm and manages his movement so well. He is running so many technical aspects of this show and it could be so nerve-wracking, but he is so calm and collected.

21. People laughed a lot.

22. People had a great time with their family and friends.

23. After our production, several people asked Jesus to be the Lord and Savior of their life.

24. When you go fishing, you use several different types of bait to catch different types of fish. Jesus told us to be fishers of men…we can use different types of bait too.

25. People, both young and old and everyone in between, found something enjoyable with the production. I am so glad that it crossed generational lines and provided a Christmas Celebration for every age.

26. I am so proud of Molly Gramling. She made a BIG, grown up decision tonight within a split second. She was supposed to do a trick flip, but realized if she went ahead with her part, she would collide with the two other girls and cause a big crash. Molly chose not to do her trick, but rather adapt to the situation. She is a GREAT kid and a wise one too. I am so proud of her selfless act…

27. Jesus chose to leave His throne in Heaven and come to earth in a manger in a stable…Why? Because He loves me!


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