Selah~Day 209

My 27 Thanks:

1. I slept last night. Usually, I have a very hard time sleeping after a big day. But, I slept well.

2. I woke up feeling great and rested.

3. I spent the morning getting the service plan ready for KidMotion. Even in the midst of a busy production time, my kidmin team continues to host great Sunday morning services for our kids!

4. I am excited to teach this Sunday’s lesson. Wise men seek Jesus. We should always seek Him. And, the more we seek Him, the more we realize that there is more to discover.

5. He is an ever interesting God.

6. I desire to know Him more.

7. The kids will really enjoy the games we have planned and the activities prepared for them.

8. We had a great creative meeting today.

9. Pastor Marc was in the zone and spit out all kinds of ideas and details to go along with it.

10. Easter is in the works. I am excited for the direction we are going.

11. A special guest will be coming to Crossroads this Easter…so pumped!

12. Anticipation.

13. Greater things are ahead of us.

14. Supernatural…I heard my Pastor say that this word keeps stirring in his spirit. 2014 will be a supernatural year.

15. I started feeling really sick in Creative meeting. I thought it was from taking a new vitamin even though I ate before taking it. Well, I had to leave work. I am thankful that I didn’t throw up in my car on the way home.

16. As soon as I got home, my body rid itself of whatever caused it to get sick. I am so glad God put a “throwing up” mechanism inside of us. I felt so much better after I rid my body of everything!

17. Whatever weird bug attacked my system, left as quick as it came. It only lasted about 12 hours.

18. I slept a lot today. My body needed rest.

19. I tried to keep Judah away from me. I didn’t want him to get whatever it was that I had. He hated not being able to sit on my lap. He is a mommy’s lap kinda boy and I love it. So, I gave in  and we snuggled together in the recliner.

20. I was able to hold down some soup for dinner.

21. Gary ran to the store and got me crackers and apples. I usually eat 2-3 apples a day. Yes, I love apples.

22. We enjoyed a movie together.

23. Our neighborhood developer, Paul Odom, came by our house last night. He delivered us a beautiful Poinsettia and thanked us for building a home in his development…who does that? I guess Paul Odom does.

24. Even though I am 33, I will always be my mom’s baby girl. She cares about me and hates when I am sick. She calls and checks up on me and prays for me. I am so blessed to have such a caring, compassionate mom.

25. Two good friends moved out of my life in the past year and a half. Literally, they moved out of my life and went to other states…ha ha ha. But, God is so good. He is moving back two of my great friends…Lindsay and Abby.

26. Abby Darrah is on her way home to OKC. I am so excited about her coming home to OKC and Crossroads Church. Kidz Ministry-watch out- Abby Darrah is back in town!

27. I had great conversation with my friend Debby today. She is doing so well and God really shed some light in a dark place in her life.


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