Selah~Day 210

Friday, December 13

My 27 Thanks: A blog dedicated to my thankfulness for the act of worship.

1. Worship expresses worth to my Lord.

2. Worship takes me into the Presence of God.

3. Worship brings comfort to my life.

4. Worship gives me peace.

5. Worship, no matter how I sound, is pleasing to the Lord.

6. Worship brings delight to my Lord. The Word says, “He delights in the praises of His people.”

7. Worship ushers in the presence of the Lord.

8. Worship is a form of giving.

9. I am an active worshipper.

10. All kinds of music that lifts up His name can bring worship to the Lord.

11. People chose to use their gifts and talents to bring worship to the Lord.

12. Worship prepares you for battle against the enemy.

13. Worship empowers you.

14. Revelation and insight come when you worship the Lord.

15. Worship will be a part of our every day existence in Heaven.

16. Regardless of how we feel, one can still worship.

17. You can praise Him through any circumstance.

18. Worship is not based on your condition, like love, it can be given unconditionally.

19. Worship creates an environment in which one never wants to leave.

20. Worship is a time where I can offer love and respect to the Lord.

21. Worship helps renew my mind.

22. Worship softens my heart to forgive.

23. Worship brings me closer to Him.

24. Time in worship to the Lord can change my perspective.

25. Problems seem to minimize when I worship the Lord.

26. He is my Creator–He deserves to be worshipped.

27. God draws near to me in worship.


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