Selah~Day 211

Saturday, December 14th

My 27 Thanks:

1. We slept in this morning.

2. We had a lazy, relaxing morning at home.

3. I finished addressing 150 Christmas cards.

4. We finally got to go to the movies together. Judah was so excited to see Frozen.

5. Judah sat on my lap for part of the movie. 2 hours were a little too long for him.

6. The storyline in Frozen was beautiful. I loved some of the lines like, “Love can melt any frozen heart.” and “You are worth melting for.”

7. Gary laughs more animation movies than most kids.

8. True love and good endings. Acts of True Love are So POWERFUL.

9. Captain Merrell sent me a really sweet text thanking me for “allowing” Gary to work for him. His son was playing in the state semi final football game and he was supposed to work. Gary, however, had the shift off. But, Gary went in and worked for Captain Merrell so he wouldn’t miss his son’s game. I am so glad we were able to bless him.

10. We get to be a blessing to others everyday.

11. We survived 19th street traffic in Moore.

12. I no longer live in between 19th and 4th street in Moore. The traffic and congestion are horrible.

13. Gary and I chose not to be Bah Hum Bugs. However, we did encounter a few out shopping today. We just smiled and went on our MERRY way.

14. Bell ringers for the Salvation Army. I have seen so many different kinds of people participating in this great cause.

15. People who choose to spread Christmas Cheer are some of my favorite people.

16. My friend, Holly, is having the most successful decorating season. She is already scheduling appointments for next year.

17. Judah took a long nap and got some good rest. He has been so busy with our schedules and needed the rest.

18. Gary went back in to town and picked us up Chili’s to go.

19. Dinner was delicious and the environment perfect…you really can’t beat eating dinner by the fireplace in your living room while wearing pajamas.

20. We had hoped to go out on a date tonight. But, plans fell through and I am so glad they did. I enjoyed my evening at home with all three of us.

21. After dinner, Gary took Judah upstairs to play in the playroom.

22. I got to stay downstairs and watch a Hallmark movie.

23. And, wrap Christmas presents. I am the worst at wrapping presents. But, I really took my time and they don’t look bad at all. Judah is so excited about Christmas this year and I love the way he says, “Christmas presents.”

24. We sang Away in a Manger as our bedtime song.

25. Our singing turned into a family game of “Make sounds of all the animals you think were in the manger.” We were laughing hysterically by the end of the game. Then, we had to do it again! It was either really funny, or we were tired because it was 11:30 at night.

26. Jesus left His throne in Heaven for a manger in a stable on earth.

27. Because He loves me.


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