Selah~Day 212

Sunday, December 15th

My 27 Thanks:

1. I get to teach kids about Jesus.

2. My team is equally excited about teaching kids about Jesus.

3. Wise men still seek Jesus.

4. There is always more to know about God.

5. My heart longs to know Him more.

6. The historical facts in the story of Jesus’ birth are so amazing. I love studying this true miracle of God.

7. Abby is officially serving in kids ministry once again!

8. Lori Rowin is an amazing Preschool Director. And, she is on my team!

9. Lori always has a smile on her face. She hates cold weather even though she is originally from Wisconsin. But, even when it is really cold, she is smiling.

10. We got out of church before 1:00.

11. We were able to go home for a couple of hours before heading back to church for our final run through and performance.

12. Every one was on time for our final run through.

13. The run through was flawless. We were in the ZONE!

14. My in-laws have been superb in helping us with Judah during this busy week of production schedules. They kept Judah at their house for several days, so he didn’t have to live at the church. Huge Blessing!

15. The tech booth is usually a stressful place for me; but, I had a blast with the guys tonight!

16. I saw many new faces in the crowd tonight.

17. I saw some familiar faces too. The events of the season always bring people home.

18. The energy of the crowd was so high tonight. Lots of laughter filled the room.

19. We almost lost focus in the tech booth because we were laughing so hard.

20. Final production went so well!

21. The actors took some liberties and added some improv lines. It was hilarious and added so much spunk to the piece.

22. People who love to laugh bring a smile to my face.

23. People from all walks of life, and both young and old, offered sweet accolades about the production.

24. Paul let me use his in-ear buds. They were so soft and comfortable.

25. I didn’t have to run lyrics and call cues tonight. Israel rocked it on Pro Presenter.

26. Kayla and Leslie gave us an incredible cast party at the end. The food and fellowship were both awesome.

27. Jesus is the reason for EVERY season. And, I celebrate Him everyday.


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