Selah~Day 213

Monday, December 16

My 27 Thanks:

1. Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. I am learning this important truth and putting it into practice.

2. God is giving me opportunities to be quiet and realize that I don’t always have to share my opinion.

3. The Lord knows the intent of my heart. As long as I please Him, I am good to go.

4. I had a great morning phone conversation with my friend, Amy Hoover. She always brings such encouragement and fun to my life.

5. Mike McCall blessed the entire staff with FREE 10-Minute neck massages.

6. My massage was so relaxing and nice. Even 10 minutes of relaxation can do a body great good.

7. Angela was back at work today. She has been out sick for a while and it was so good to see her back in action.

8. Abby has hit the ground running. She is so eager to learn, excited to apply all of her schooling, and ready to change the world one kid at a time.

9. Gary came up to the church and helped me put the FINAL “wrap” on Christmas production.

10. I was able to leave work early to attend Judah’s school Christmas program.

11. It was his very first stage appearance. He was TERRIFIED. He didn’t move, blink, or possibly breathe the entire time he was on stage. And, they put him front and center. I wanted to go and rescue him, but made him suffer through.

12. At Judah’s school, they memorize scripture, sing songs to Jesus, and learn Bible stories everyday. The foundation for every part of their education is built on the Word of God. I love this preschool.

13. The staff at Antioch are precious. Judah’s teachers are so amazing and kind.

14. The program was super cute and we all laughed a lot! Wow, there is a lot of laughter in my life.

15. The staff Christmas party was the best ever this year.

16. The Stuffed Olive closed their restaurant and made it available only to us.

17. The food and service were exceptional.

18. Kayla came up with the best games. It was so nice to see a majority of the entire staff participating. Those who game together, stay together! Ha Ha Ha

19. One of the games led to a marshmallow food fight. Throwing marshmallows at Brandon and Pastor Ted was a highlight to my year! All in fun, All in fun.

20. The owner of the Stuffed Olive recorded our marshmallow fight and put it on facebook. I am really glad she thought it was hilarious too. We CLEANED it all up as well.

21. Gary and I had a great evening hanging out with adult company.

22. We enjoyed conversation with new and old friends.

23. Laura, my sister-in-law, kept Judah for us. He loves hanging out with Aunt Laura and Morgan and Abby.

24. They took him to Wal-Mart and he picked out Christmas presents for Gary and me. I am so excited to see what he picked out.

25. Bedtime snuggles with my sweet Judah.

26. Sleepy Time Tea. It works and is so soothing to my throat.

27. My mind is NO longer laying awake at night crossing t’s and dotting I’s concerning the production!


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