Selah~Day 214

My 27 Thanks:

1. My sparkling gem devotion was exactly what I needed to read for today.

2. God always seems to deliver what you need to hear at the right time.

3. God designed a perfect plan for me.

4. The blueprint for life that He laid out in the Bible always leads us to success.

5. When you BLESS those who speak ill will of you, you release God’s power and anointing to work on your behalf.

6. Judah is always happy to see me and greets me with a big smile and an even bigger hug.

7. My job requires me to get out of the office at times.

8. I had to run lots of errands for Kidz Ministry and the weather was beautiful.

9. Gary, Judah, and I enjoyed a lunch break at Pei Wei.

10. Natasha let me borrow her Sam’s card. She has such a sweet spirit. She is always willing to help someone out.

11. It’s Christmas. People should be prepared for crowds and long lines at checkout. I have been in front of some of the crankiest and rushed people. I am so glad that I prepare my mindset for the environment I am choosing to walk into and I don’t let stuff ruffle my feathers.

12. Gary took my car and washed it for me.

13. I have a vehicle and it is paid off.

14. Judah took a great nap today. He has been so tired and I am so thankful that he had the opportunity to rest.

15. Abby and I accomplished great work together.

16. She learns quickly and loves to be efficient.

17. Wednesday Night kids was super fun tonight.

18. We had a great time playing Christmas ABCs together.

19. Kids get so excited when playing games. I love their energy and excitement.

20. My girls group helped us make over 200 snowballs for Sunday’s big snowball fight.

21. The kids are super excited for this event on Sunday. Snowball Fight and hot chocolate.

22. The youth snowball fight was a huge success. I loved seeing all the kids covered in flour! It seemed to be such a fun time and super messy.

23. The Sweeten Family blessed Judah with a light saber sword. He loved it. They made him feel so special.

24. Judah thinks he has to wrap everything and put it under the tree for Christmas. I love how he is trying to process and understand this whole Christmas, and wrapping, and presents.

25. Judah acts more and more like his daddy.

26. Ava Hatton has done an incredible job organizing and executing the Angel Tree project.

27. Several families were blessed big time tonight through the Angel Tree Project.


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