Selah~Day 215

My 27 Thanks:

1. Besides Sunday, today is my last day of work for 2 weeks.

2. Time off.

3. There is always a light at the end of a very busy tunnel.

4. Gary went Christmas shopping for two dirty Santa gifts. Even though I gave him an idea of what to get, he did great picking out gifts.

5. Judah got to play with Morgan and Abby today. He loves having his cousins over to his house to play.

6. They played really well together all day.

7. My sweet friend, Debby, gave me the sweetest Hallmark ornament. It has a special meaning between two friends too.

8.Some of the Kidz Ministry team and I are teaming together to provide meals for the Mosley family this week. Both mom and dad Mosely had surgery. It feels so good to serve others.

9. We had an awesome Creative Meeting today. Lots of discussion and we are already planning Easter 2014.

10. Miss JaQuisha and Miss Mindy made Judah a superhero cape. It is a super creative idea. Judah loves it.

11. Judah pretended to be a superhero all day today. I love pretend play.

12. Pastor Ted bought us all suckers from Sees candy. It was amazing.

13. Some of my family ended up getting Christmas Train tickets for tomorrow night. It is such a fun experience and I am so glad they get to go.

14. Cherryl, one of my teen leaders, sent me an email today informing me of her inability to serve during a scheduled time. Her email was so appreciated and well-written. She takes her position in kidz ministry seriously and always wants to do a great job. She is growing up to be such a mature, Godly young woman.

15. The kidmotion team got together for dinner at Johnny Carinos. It is so nice to hang out away from a church activity.

16. Johnny Carinos let us have a nice, big, private room.

17. Our service for a large party was exceptional.

18. We played dirty Santa. It was the quickest dirty Santa I have ever played. Not very many of us wanted to steal.

19. Madi Gramling came over to our house to watch Judah. I am so glad he got to spend the evening at home.

20. Madi is so good with kids. Judah loves her. I am so glad she is old enough, super responsible, and super kid friendly.

21. Gary’s Christmas present arrived in the mail and it looks better than I ever expected.

22. Pleasant surprises.

23. The entire Kidz Ministry team blessed Gary and I with a giftcard to a Spa Resort. I still can’t believe it. We are so blessed and so honored to serve with them.

24. They all signed a card for us and said the sweetest of things.

25. Christmas Cards.

26. Gary told me I looked beautiful tonight.

27. After a very busy production season, I am finally caught up with my 10k reasons journey blog.


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