Selah~Day 216

My 27 Thanks:

1.The only plans we have for today are the ones we make for ourselves.

2. Morgan came over to play with Judah. It is so nice that she lives so close to us and can come by for a play date.

3. Abby came over and watched Morgan and Judah so we could do some Christmas Shopping.

4. The weather has been so nice this week.

5. So, the ice storm is not affecting the roads like it could have if the weather had been super cold all week.

6. Gary and I always have fun together.

7. We only had 4 hours of shopping time. So, I went so fast that I broke out into a sweat. It was so fun though.

8. I am able to buy gifts for others.

9. The mall wasn’t too crowded. And, I found some great deals.

10. We ran into Zach and Pastor at the mall. Zach is home for Christmas.

11. We made it home on time for Abby to leave for her family Christmas in Texas.

12. We found Judah a pair of shoes that he actually likes and will wear! Praise God!

13. Judah and Morgan have such fun imaginations. They can turn any environment into a fort, a house, or a jungle gym. Yes, I was controlling their energy, but it is so fun to watch their imaginations take them places.

14. Imagination.

15. Creative Thought.

16. Gary is starting to like fashion and shopping.

17. Judah loves to spend time with me.

18. 99.5% of our Christmas Shopping is done!

19. My brother-in-law, Robert, was hired by Lindsay Fire Department. He is a true example of keeping your dream in front of you and never giving up on it! We are so proud of him.

20. An evening at home.

21. We weren’t able to get Christmas Train tickets back in November. I was so bummed. Tonight was our only available night that we could go to Christmas Train. Well, now I am glad that we didn’t waste money on tickets because with the weather coming through the middle of Oklahoma, we wouldn’t have been able to make it anyway!

22. We all wrapped Christmas presents together on the floor. Judah helped too. And, we didn’t see what we got each other…we were good!

23. I have yet to watch a Hallmark movie that I haven’t liked. I don’t know if it is possible.

24. I have a fireplace that provides extra warmth on these cold winter nights.

25. My car is parked in a dry garage.

26. I have a roof over my head and warm blankets to sleep under.

27. Jesus is the Greatest of all Gifts.


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