Selah~Day 217

My 27 Thanks:

1. The roads are wet, but not covered in ice.

2. Judah slept in this morning.

3. We watched cartoons together. He said, “Mommy, I want to sit on your lap.” I love my lap boy!

4. Gary and I finally took sometime to put together our study. It has been a catch-all for stuff. We now have an organized, decorated study.

5. My $13 crate idea that I got from Pinterest turned out great and was a much cheaper alternative to buying book shelves.

6. DIY projects.

7. I saw an awesome Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe on facebook. And, I had all the ingredients required in my kitchen.

8. Crock pot recipes.

9. The soup turned out to be one of the BEST I have ever made.

10. Gary baked 18 loaves of Banana Bread for us to hand out to our Sunday School teachers.

11. Judah loved helping his daddy bake bread.

12. Gary loves to cook…and he is good!

13. We got out to run a few errands and decided to grab a bite to eat at Outback. It was so yummy. I love their new lunch options. It is hard to find a delicious steak meal for $10.

14. Judah and I enjoy coloring together. He loves to help me color my page. And, I am learning to love it.

15. My friend, Holly, got to celebrate her birthday in the Directors Suite at Warren Theater. I am sure she loved Mr. Banks. I am so glad she had a wonderful birthday.

16. Both my maple and crape myrtle seem to be surviving the weight of the ice.

17. Judah has been equally concerned about our trees. I love his sweet spirit.

18. We still have power.

19. Crews who work in horribly cold conditions to try to get the powered restored for those who are without.

20. Gary loves to use his musical talent to bless the Lord.

21. I am hearing stories from all over of people being blessed by others this Christmas season.

22. Zach and Grant came over for a visit.

23. They love to play with Judah and he loves to play with them.

24. Time out is becoming an effective discipline strategy for Judah. Sometimes, he just needs a chill out moment.

25. Judah loved my bedtime story tonight, Frosty vs. the Sun. Even though Frosty lost, he had a great time while he was here on Earth.

26. Judah’s laughter.

27.  Time with my family.


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