Selah~Day 232

My 27 Thanks:

1. When Gary got up this morning, he no longer had a fever. I am so glad he is feeling better.

2. My earache is gone. I can still feel some pressure, but the pain has subsided greatly!

3. I am so thankful that my car stays parked in a garage. It gets warmer so much quicker on these incredibly cold mornings.

4. Several of my teammates were either sick, away on trips, or didn’t want to get out in the arctic blast. But, my team pulled together, we merged some rooms, and all was covered!

5. Flexible people.

6. Jacob Werner was my helper this morning during Sunday school. He is such a smart, funny kid. He was thrilled for the Robot series. I love seeing him excited.

7. Abby did a great job helping launch this series.

8. The kids loved it! Several of them want to build a robot.

9. I can love because God loves me!

10. Jeremy is back from Germany! We missed him. I am so glad that he is back.

11. The service ran so smoothly.

12. Big church had an awesome special guest who brought such a timely message. He talked about how to successfully be an intergenerational church!

13. In the last days, God will pour out His spirit on ALL flesh.

14. Gary dropped me off at the door, under the awning, for both church services today. The less I have to walk in the frigid air, the better!

15. I made an extensive to-do list to help me get my week off to a productive start. I love lists.

16. We had a relaxing afternoon and I got caught up on some reading material for work.

17. The youth group made it back safely to the church. It appeared that everyone had a super awesome time!

18. A friend asked me to write a recommendation letter for her. I was honored to do so and had time today to work on it.

19. Friends.

20. Pastor Marcia preached the Word tonight! Her message was timely for me.

21. Tonight was my first night to sit in a church service since October. During Christmas Production time, I am given permission to practice during the Sunday PM church service. It was nice to be back in a service.

22. I made a mad dash into Crest on the way home from church. I forgot my list at home, so I went in to the store with a mental list only. Once home, I realized I only forgot 3 items! Go me!

23. I had the chance to have a “heart-to-heart” conversation with a friend tonight.

24. Judah popped up from behind the couch with a great big smile on his face. He said, “Hi Mommy!” I love seeing his smiling face.

25. Conversations with Judah.

26. Pastor Ted is in Cuba. Excited to see what doors are open for that area of ministry.

27. Missional people.


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