Selah~Day 233

My 27 Thanks:

1. The miraculous stories of Jesus never grow old.

2. The book of Matthew.

3. Garage parking-I am thankful for this everyday of the week!

4. I tried out a new style of clothing today and got several compliments.

5. Abby gave me peace of mind before I actually wore the outfit though. She is handy for many things, including style!

6. The excitement that comes from trying new things.

7. Spontaneity.

8. Judah is got to spend the entire day with his daddy.

9. Gary took Judah to the library and they had a fun time checking out books.

10. Judah checked out 6 books and they all have some form of a really big truck as the main character. I love my sweet little boy!

11. I got to read some of the Bible during my lunch break today. Usually, I don’t take a lunch break, but today I did and I enjoyed the Word.

12. I am excited about reading the New Testament in 40 days. I am already through the book of Matthew.

13. Leftovers. The chilli I made from the night before tasted even better today.

14. Abby, Starla, and I enjoyed some really funny conversation today.

15. I work with two really good friends.

16. I have a normal last name. I am so thankful that my last name isn’t funny, embarrassing, or material that could be used for a joke!

17. Starla is making the nursery rooms “sparkle.”

18. Judah gave me a great big hug and kiss when I got home from work today.

19. Gary and I worked together to switch out two bedrooms tonight. We moved Judah downstairs. One more project off of our to-do list.

20. We have room in our house to spread out.

21. Judah climbed up on my lap after dinner and wanted me to read him all the books he checked out at the library. I love lap time with my boy.

22. I learn new things while reading books to Judah. For example, did you know that a bucket wheel excavator prefers to work in environments with loose soil. The things you learn while reading to your 4-year-old.

23. I read a book called, “I Stink,” to Judah. He laughed all the way through it. It was a book about a garbage truck. Judah thought it was especially funny that the garbage truck ate trash like, poopy diapers, kitty litter, and dog poo. Poop is really funny to a 4-year-old boy, but I really enjoyed the belly laughter.

24. Judah fell asleep hearing me tell him the story of David vs. Goliath. I am so glad that I was taught the real-life events of the Bible. And, I get to be the teller of those events both at home and at my job!

25. Judah is finally forming better sleeping habits. Because he is no longer taking an afternoon nap, he goes to sleep at a decent hour!

26. My family is healthy.

27. I am loved.


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