Selah~Day 234

My 27 Thanks:

1. I got ready for the day rather quickly! I woke up super-charged!

2. Gary made me toast and coffee while I got ready for work!

3. My morning routine is so scripted! But, I don’t mind. I like routine for the most part. Almost every morning, I get ready the exact same way and I eat one apple, two pieces of Ezekiel toast with all natural strawberry fruit preserves, and I drink about two sips of coffee or tea. It warms my core! I love quirks and I have them!

4. Gary has some of the most fun quirks. We love to laugh about each others peculiar strands!

5. We had a fun discussion in staff chapel today. I loved today’s leadership lesson.

6. My team makes me laugh. We have fun together.

7. The possibility of scratch and sniff bulletins. (Don’t you think it would increase readers?) Ha Ha…it won’t happen, people. But, it was one of my best creative, off the cuff brainstorms. Ha Ha Ha

8. Progress. We are unrolling some new procedures that will help us be more effective in our work! I love progress.

9. Opportunities.

10. Starla and Abby helped me take down a Christmas Tree today. With their help, we had that tree down in 15 minutes!

11. The first quarter of the year is packed full of great things for our church. Excited to help execute.

12. I received the rider for the Watoto African Children’s Choir today. I am so excited to host them once again at our church in March.

13. God just works things out on your behalf.

14. Abby ran and got me lunch today since I was stuck at the church.

15. Patrick Sims blessed kids ministry with a heaping load of snacks! Our kids love to eat. Super thankful for Patrick and Rochelle and their generous hearts.

16. I had a great conference call with an “Orange” specialist today. I am looking at ways of incorporating some of this fantastic curriculum in our kids ministry design plan.

17. My friend Holly only suffered a sprain in her knee and it will heal without surgery.

18. One of my kids, who has been struggling in school, called me today and told me that he had a great day and he even answered a really tough math question that no one else in the class could figure out! He was also excited that the Principal of the school happened to peek into his math class while he answered the question.

19. Grace.

20.  Gary and I met each other at the YMCA after work. They are offering a 10 day free trial to check out their facility.

21. We went swimming together. It was so cold at first, but then felt really relaxing.

22. Exercise truly does a body good.

23. Gary and I both worked together to make an incredible dinner. It was so yummy.

24. We both prefer healthy eating habits.

25. Judah and I had lots of fun playing with legos tonight. He built a car that turned into a submarine. Watch out world…

26. My fireplace.

27. Time to sit, relax, and reflect.


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