Selah~Day 235

Wednesday, January 8

My 27 Thanks:

1. It is another great day filled with awesome potential to do something great.

2. I don’t have to drive in traffic to or from work.

3. I work with amazing, encouraging people who I call my friends!

4. Gary ran to the store and picked up cupcakes for Judah’s class today. It is the first day back and Judah is assigned snack duty. They told us that we could bring cupcakes and they would celebrate his birthday.

5. Judah was excited to go back to class and share cupcakes with his friends.

6. Gary came up to the church and installed the Robot heart for Abby and me. Each week, we are putting a new part on our Robot.

7. Power tools. What did people do before there were power tools?

8. Abby really thought outside the box on some of these Robot parts. She did a great job!

9. Lori, Abby, Starla, and I had a great meeting discussing a new curriculum option. After 3 years of discussion, we are going to finally be able to execute some really neat changes this year in our curriculum. This change will bring great alignment to what we do as a ministry.

10. Several long-range goals have been sitting on the sidelines of my goals list and now they are finally coming up for execution. I am excited to get them off of the sidelines.

11. Goals.

12. Due to meetings, I wasn’t able to slip out and pick up anything for lunch. But, my sweet husband picked me up something and brought it to me.

13. Gary has such a servant’s heart. He loves to serve others.

14. Swadley’s restaurant. They are a great, family owned company with awesome food, awesome service, and awesome Godly principles that guide them.

15. We opened up Wednesday Night Kids Ministry with a review game from Sunday’s message points. I was thrilled to watch as the kids excitedly answered questions. They knew every one of them.

16. Kids love to learn about Jesus.

17. The energy was great in Kids ministry.

18. Crossroads Youth Ministry had a great service in the Main Sanctuary.

19. Great things are happening and Greater things are in store for our Youth ministry.

20. Some friends of mine from my hometown now live in the City. They came to church tonight. I was completely surprised, but so excited.

21. They have two little girls. They absolutely loved the nursery and it was a great experience for all involved.

22. Rochelle and Ava and my other check-in hosts are amazing. They truly know how to roll out the red carpet for guests.

23. All of my leaders were out of the church building by 9:00 p.m. I set a personal goal every week to make sure my leadership team is out the door by 9:00.

24. My preschool leaders are so kind, caring, and do a great job teaching the Word to little ones.

25. On the way home from church, Judah told me the whole story of Jesus healing Blind Bartemeus.

26. Judah knows that Jesus cares about us.

27. Jesus cares about me.


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