Selah~Day 236

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and I had a great morning getting ready together.

2. He got to spend the day at mom-moms house.

3. Judah was so excited to play with his cousins.

4. We all had kids during the same year. I love that Judah has tons of cousins his age.

5. The Watoto’s African Children’s Choir is coming back to Crossroads Church. I love this group.

6. Angela is helping me execute this event. I so appreciate her help and her attention to detail.

7. Creative meeting was very interesting today. I don’t mind interesting.

8. I have learned to read the non-verbal expressions of some of my team mates. So, I love knowing what they truly think about an idea even if they never utter a word.

9. Quirks. Quirks are fun and endearing…most of the time.

10. Abby has brought a fresh, fun presence to my life and ministry!

11. I went to the KidMotion room to set up for Sunday and noticed that all the labels on our sound board had been updated and are now brand new. Wow! Aaron must have done it and I didn’t even submit a support ticket. Super thankful for our tech teams love and care for kidz ministry. Quality is in the unseen detail!

12. I gave Pastor Elias half of a package of cardstock paper to use to print some certificates. I totally didn’t expect any back in return. But, he went out and bought a brand new package to replace ours and all in the same day! He is a super thoughtful and great team-mate.

13. I have people in my life who believe in me even when I don’t.

14. I spent some time today writing out both personal and professional goals for 2014.

15. Jesus makes all things new.

16. When I picked Judah up from his day of fun at mom-moms house, he was still in his pajamas. He loves to have pajama day! I am so glad he had a fun, relaxing day.

17. Gary and I are so blessed. We have never had to use a typical daycare setting for our childcare needs. I have friends who own daycare facilities and they are awesome and so necessary for working moms and dads. But, I am thankful that I have had close friends or family who are able to watch Judah.

18. Judah left mom-moms house without fussing or crying or throwing any type of fit. Usually, he is so sad to leave, especially if we are the first of the cousins to go. But, he was perfect last night and as soon as I said “let’s go,” he picked up his stuff and headed to the door.

19. Obedience.

20. Judah and I had a very relaxing evening at home.

21. I had some quiet time and was able to read several chapters in the book of Mark.

22. I received the sweetest of all cards in the mail today from a friend.

23. People still send hand-written notes in the mail. I love this now “old-fashioned” form of communication.

24. The Lord laid my name on my friend’s heart. She is praying some specific things for me the entire month of January. Wow!

25. I love the stories of Jesus feeding the 5,000 and soon after fed another large group of 4,000. Jesus cares about ones spiritual life, but He also cares about your physical life!

26. Jesus cares about you as a whole person-mind, body, and soul!

27. Jesus is my portion. He is more than enough to meet every need.


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