Selah~Day 244

Sunday, January 19

My 27 Thanks:

1. I slept all night long without the TV on. Usually, I must have some noise, but tonight, I was fine in the quiet.

2. Progress.

3. Baby Steps.

4. We made it to church ahead of schedule.

5. Gary was so great to go and pick up our breakfast food for the 6th grade breakfast today.

6. We had a great morning of ministry. Things went smoothly and all the details fall into place.

7. Kids were super excited about church today.

8. I serve with a great team of men and women.

9. Pastor Marc spent the morning in KidMotion. He was an awesome guest.

10. We are making some great strides bridging the gap between kidmin and youth.

11. I am so thankful for our awesome youth ministry.

12. Our 6th graders felt so special and honored at the breakfast.

13. Gary and I enjoyed a spontaneous lunch with some of our team.

14. We had an opportunity to relax some this afternoon.

15. The weather was perfect for more work on Judah’s fort/swing set.

16. I helped share some of the work load and put a hammer to good use on a few boards. I love working alongside Gary.

17. Judah and I had a fun time playing on the slide and swinging together. I see so much fun in our future on that swing set.

18. Gary and I enjoyed sitting through an entire church service tonight.

19. I finally heard Pastor Tami sing the song, Oceans. Wow! I love that song…so powerful…so anointed…I am thankful for the words spoken in that song.

20. Pastor preached a great message of the Doorway to the Supernatural. It was a timely message for me.

21. I go to a church that believes in the supernatural power of God.

22. There is great excitement and momentum building for the awesome things in the works for 2014.

23. It is going to be a year of the supernatural.

24. We launched our Jesus > __________? campaign. I am excited to be a part of this campaign.

25. We had great turnout for our team meeting.

26. Simplified systems that help us better care as we grow are being put into place.

27. Gary hates feet, but tonight…he rubbed mine! They hurt so bad after standing so much of the day. Yep, I am loved.


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