Selah~Day 245

Monday, January 20

My 27 Thanks:

1. I have a home alarm system and it works well. Gary accidentally set it off this morning on his way to work. I have never gotten out of bed so quickly.

2. Our alarm company is super quick to respond.

3. I feel safe in my home.

4. Judah was super excited to spend the day at his mom moms house.

5. My in-laws took Judah to a children’s museum in Stillwater, Ok.

6. Judah had an absolute blast. He told me it was the most awesome place he has ever been.

7. Gary ‘s family is really good at finding interesting, fun places to take kids. Well, Laura is really good at it. Ha Ha Ha…

8. I work with people who I really like spending time with.

9. Today, Pastor Marc told me how much he enjoyed kidz ministry. He was super impressed with our smooth transitions and our delivery. His accolades meant a lot to me. He is a great team player and I value his opinion.

10. Today was evaluation day at work. I love having an opportunity to review my 2013 professional and personal happenings. It is nice to have an understanding of what was seen as a success and what could become an area of improvement.

11. Evaluations. They keep things healthy.

12. Dorothy blessed Pastor Marcia and I with lunch so we could keep working through it.

13. I have learned so much working with Pastor Marcia. She has so much wisdom.

14. There is wisdom in a multitude of counsel.

15. I am appreciated at my job.

16. Judah and I had a relaxing evening.

17. I enjoyed hearing him tell me stories about his day. He uses great inflection when retelling stories. I love how his eyes light up.

18. I am not an aggressive driver and I don’t have problems with road rage.

19. Today, while I was driving home, I passed a very disgruntled woman who honked at me and flipped me off. I don’t know if she thought I was someone else or what. Thankfully, I didn’t get angry. I felt sorry for her. What a sad life she must live.

20. My friend Valarie is celebrating her birthday today and her 6 mos. wedding anniversary. I am so thankful for Valarie.

21. Valarie and I have so many good memories. Valarie brings so much joy to the lives of others and she can tell some pretty amazing stories from personal experience. She makes my heart smile.

22. Valarie is so thoughtful. One year for my birthday, before Gary and I were even dating, Valarie made me a photo book of Gary. I had a huge crush on him and Valarie put together all these pictures of him with funny captions. It was totally my favorite gift. A month later, Gary asked me out on my first date. I didn’t tell him about the photo book until after we were engaged!

23. Photography. I love how pictures tell stories and capture moments of time.

24. Experiences that teach us something about ourselves or others.

25. Judah and my family had safe travels today to and from the museum in Stillwater.

26. Jesus is our defender, our protector, an ever-present help in time of need.

27. He is more than enough for me.


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