Selah~Day 246

Wednesday, January 22

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and I had a great morning getting ready for school and work.

2. When I dropped Judah off at school, I realized I forgot his drink. But, Laura told me not to worry because she could share a bottled water with him. I am so glad I didn’t have to go back home to get his drink.

3. My friend, Debby, came in today and helped out in staff childcare. We have had several leaders come down with different virus bugs. I am so thankful for subs.

4. Abby also helped out in the morning shift of staff childcare. She loved having baby time, but was super glad that she only had to stay in there until 10:00 a.m.! I am thankful for her heart to serve in multiple areas.

5. I had the chance to spend the entire morning working on a BIG project. It was so nice to devout ample time to figure out some items of importance for the future.

6. Quiet, uninterrupted time to work.

7. Podcasts. I love being able to listen to useful pieces of information throughout my work day.

8. The shared experiences of other people stimulates creative thought in my mind! I love creative thought.

9. We are finalizing plans for a really exciting, busy quarter in kidz ministry. We are taking kidz ministry to the streets and I am super excited.

10. I have a team who will go with me.

11. My mother-in-law picked Judah up from school. This allowed me to work a little longer in the day.

12. We had several call-ins from leaders who were scheduled to serve tonight at church. But, we were able to find covers for every position.

13. People who are willing to fill-in-the-gap.

14. I decided to spend an hour at my in-laws before church. It was some nice downtime and Judah got to play with his cousins.

15. Jeremy Barton is a multi-tasker at the sound board. He can run lights, sound, and pro presenter. He is a one man show and I am so thankful for his service to kidz ministry.

16. Church service ran so smoothly tonight. Great ministry happened at every level.

17. Dustin fixed the check-in printers. I am so glad he caught the problem before check-in started.

18. A team is made up of many different people who hold different gifts and talents. Everyone is important. I serve on a team.

19. I am so thankful for the awesome security team at Crossroads. They are so helpful and provide a nice, secure atmosphere in the kids area.

20. The greatest kids in the world walk through the hallways of Crossroads Kidz Ministry.

21. I get to minister to those kids on a weekly basis.

22. Open, honest conversation amongst friends.

23. I have the opportunity to be more present in the kidmin hallway these days. I love being able to greet each family, as well as say goodbye when they leave.

24. Judah and I had a late night rice krispie cereal snack. We were both super hungry when we got home from church. I love late night conversations and snacks with my little love.

25. Gary and I are blessed with amazing jobs.

26. Bedtime prayers.

27. Momentum.


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