Selah~Day 247

Thursday, January 23

My 27 Thanks:

1. There is wisdom in a multitude of counsel.

2. Godly counsel.

3. Creative meeting was creative.

4. We made final decisions on many items that were up in the air.

5. This year is a year focused on ministry outside the church walls.

6. We have many great opportunities planned to do kids ministry at the City Rescue Mission and the Salvation Army.

7. Partnerships.

8. Gary and Judah had fun at the YMCA. I am so glad we joined. Judah is loving the open swim time.

9. They brought lunch to the church after the Y. I love being able to spend lunchtime with my sweet boys.

10. Gary created the arms for the Robot. It is looking so good. I am excited to see it move at the end of the series.

11. Our kidz ministry is blessed with great resources. I am so thankful for the financial backing of our church. We get to do great things in Kidz Ministry.

12. We have an awesome space for our kidz ministry.

13. Our facility team does an amazing job keeping things clean, as well as setting up and tearing down events. I am amazed at how much work they accomplish each day.

14. Pastor Tami makes me laugh. She is such a fun lady.

15. Kidz ministry was blessed with some awesome stage design props today.

16. Much was accomplished today.

17. Gary, Judah, and I had an awesome dinner at Chilli’s. We had great food and great service.

18. We enjoyed the graduation ceremony of Vine Life Ministries tonight. I am so thankful for ministries like Vine Life.

19. My friend, Laura, received 3 great awards tonight at the Vine Life Graduation ceremony. It was awesome to see her celebrated.

20. It was so cold today. I am so thankful for a warm coat and an awesome heater in the car.

21. Gary pulled the car up close to every building tonight so Judah and I didn’t have to walk to far in the cold. He is such a gentleman.

22. Judah told me tonight that he will always be my little baby…just not a little, little, little baby. He is right, he will always be my baby.

23. My sister is coming into town and she is going to come with me to the comedy show!

24. Judah loves to talk. I love having conversations with him.

25. Evenings at home with my family.

26. I had time tonight to catch up on my Selah journey. My daily routine has been packed with so much. I am so thankful for time to catch up and give thanks to the Lord.

27. My life is so blessed.


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