Selah~Day 248

Friday, January 24

My 27 Thanks:

1. We slept in.

2. We now have a family YMCA membership.

3. We live right down the road from the YMCA.

4. I love the atmosphere of the YMCA. It is clean, comfortable, and classy.

5. Family oriented environments.

6. My mother-in-law, Gary, and I all swam laps together. It was so nice and relaxing, but great exercise too.

7. A sweet, elderly Asian man in the lane next to me loved having conversation in between laps. At one rest, he asked me how long I had been married. When I told him 9 years, he responded, “Wow, you look so young. You are very attractive lady.” He was super sweet. I had a swim cap and goggles on and he still found me attractive…ha ha ha.

8. After we swam for exercise, we brought Judah into the pool for family swim. It was so much fun. I love to experience fun times with my little boy.

9. Judah was really afraid of the water last year, but is doing so much better at the Y pool.

10. Judah was brave enough to let go of our hands and float with his floaties for a while by himself.

11. My friend Abby finally got her bulldog. She is so excited.

12. My sweet friend, Miss Molly, gave up her Tim Hawkins ticket because she wanted to watch Judah instead.

13. I am so thankful for the Gramling kids. Madilyn, Molly, Mason, and Maxton are some of the most kind, obedient, and respectful kids I have ever known. I am glad they are in our lives.

14. We were able to get a few more Tim Hawkins tickets and bless some of our family with them.

15. My mom got me the cutest outfit. Wow…she is so thoughtful and knows exactly what I like. She sent the outfit with my sister. I loved it. My mom always likes to find ways to bless her kids.

16. I got to see my sister for a short while and she came to Tim Hawkins. It is nice to get to see my lil sister.

17. Gary and I had special prayer for one of our KidMotion kids. There is power in prayer.

18. Corporate prayer is powerful.

19. My husband prays all the time.

20. We  got great seats at the Tim Hawkins show.

21. My family all got to sit together.

22. Tim Hawkins and Johnnie W are hilarious and true, gifted talents.

23. Comedians. I love to laugh.

24. God gives creative insight into ways to share the Gospel through multiple genres.

25. The church sanctuary was full. I loved seeing a full house.

26. My super crafty and card making friend sent me a really special hand-made card today. I love getting cards in the mail. She prayed a specific prayer over my life. Her prayer was spot on.

27. Words of encouragement.


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