Selah~Day 251

Sunday, January 26th

My 27 Thanks:

1. Per Proverbs, those who listen to instruction prosper.

2. I love instructions.

3. Today’s kidmin message is so good.

4. I get to teach kids about God.

5. Smiling Faces.

6. Every Sunday, I am greeted by people who are excited to be at church.

7. Royce and Jan Petty are so faithful to serve. Every Sunday, even when it is super cold, they stand by the doors I enter and greet everyone who comes through. They are always there…

8. My friend, Sande, got the best news. She is continuing with her doctorate degree. I am so proud of her and all the hard work she is putting into furthering her education.

9. Sande, Ava, and Holly are so faithful to our check-in team. They are the best faces for first impressions.

10. I got to spend most of my morning in the hall greeting people and checking on my team.

11. Smooth mornings of ministry.

12. The kids are loving the Robot series and remembering what we are teaching them.

13. The kids are bringing back their parent devotionals. I am so excited that more than 1/2 of our kids are talking about the lesson throughout the week in their homes.

14. Partnership with parents.

15. Together everyone accomplishes more.

16. Judah loves the preschool ministry at our church. Mrs. Lori and the team make it so much fun, energetic, and action-packed.

17. They know how preschoolers learn best.

18. Gary, Judah, and I had a nice quiet lunch at Qdoba. We sat outside and soaked up the sun. It was a beautiful day.

19. Gary played with Judah and let me get some work done.

20. Kidcrew practice went well.

21. We have several new kids joining our team.

22. Several parents told me how excited their child was to join kidcrew.

23. Maxton helped Abby with the Big Answer skit today. He was so funny and acted it out well. His role really helped drive how the importance of listening to instruction.

24. Pastor Ted and I always give each other feedback on our ministry days. We both decided that today was a grand slam kind of day.

25. Gary is going to start practicing acoustic sets so we can do some live worship in Kidz Ministry.

26. Progress.

27. Per Proverbs, those whose trust is in the Lord will be joyful.


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