Selah~Day 252

Tuesday, January 28

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah always hugs and kisses me goodbye.

2. Gary is off work today and Judah is so excited to spend the day at home with his daddy.

3. Gary made me oatmeal and fruit for breakfast. He blesses me all the time.

4. Even though it snowed, the roads were not too bad. I have great breaks and a slide proof thing on my 4-Runner.

5. My friend, Lorry Gail, was in a wreck today, but she wasn’t hurt. No one was hurt and she has great insurance.

6. Pastor Sam taught staff chapel. He always does a great job and is so passionate about the topic he is assigned to teach.

7. He got everyone engaged in discussion. Lots of people participated in the discussion. I love hearing the opinions of others.

8. We sang Happy Birthday to Natasha. She celebrated her 30th birthday. It embarrassed her greatly, but she deserves to be honored. Natasha is a reliable leader and makes our facility shine. I am glad she is on my team.

9. Gary and Judah were able to go to the YMCA today to swim and play. I am glad that Gary does active things with Judah.

10. My friend, Deborah, got a bonus at her work today. I am so proud of her hard work. The favor of God is on her life.

11. Lorry Gail has stars in her eyes and is super excited about a possibility.

12. Staff meeting was cancelled for today, so I got in some extra work time.

13. I love working with Starla and Abby. They make me smile.

14. My friend, Rochelle, is having her first biological baby. She is so excited. Today, she found out the sex of the baby. She is so excited. I am so excited for her.

15. Pastor Sam and I had a great conversation. He cares deeply for others. I am thankful for his sincere care and support.

16. Judah loves to hide in the house as soon as he hears my car pull into the garage. Well, today as I was unloading my things, he jumped out from underneath the bench of the mudroom. It scared me and I yelled. Judah thought that was hilarious and we all got a good laugh.  Then, we had a fun game of chase.

17. Spontaneous games with my sweet family.

18. Gary had dinner ready when I got home from work. And, it was super healthy.

19. Judah ate! Praise God…he even ate a vegetable. I covered the sweet potato in brown sugar, but he ate it.

20. When I feel lost, God knows the way.

21. When I feel confused, God has the answer.

22. When I feel stuck, God is the crowbar.

23. Romans 8.

24. Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

25. When God is for us, nothing can be against us.

26. Inspiration.

27. Time set aside to be inspired.


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