Selah~Day 255

Friday, January 31

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and I had a super relaxing morning together.

2. My family is making a sudden trip to Oklahoma City. My grandmother isn’t well at all. I am so glad my family is able to travel to see her.

3. My dad had to rush to OKC. He made it safely.

4. My grandma is finally alert.

5. The Canadian Valley hospital is top-notch. You should never underestimate a small town community hospital.

6. Judah was great in the hospital.

7. My dad made several balloon chickens out of surgical gloves. It entertained Judah well.

8. I am so glad I got to see my grandma alert.

9. She had some moments of panic while I was with her…when I rubbed her hand, it calmed her down.

10. My grandma told the nurse that I was “more like an angel.”

11. The nursing staff was incredibly kind and had excellent bed side manner.

12. The doctor was awesome too. He specializes in hospital services, so he will be my grandmother’s doctor the entire time she is there.

13. My grandmother told me that she was so glad that she could rest assured knowing my salvation. I am also thankful that my grandmother knows the Lord.

14. When you know Jesus, there is NO death!

15. My parents blessed Judah and I with dinner.

16. My nephew Gatlin got to come home with us. We don’t get to see him all the time, so it was so awesome to have him as our over night guest.

17. Judah and Gatlin talked the entire way home from the hospital. They were so excited to be together and never stopped talking. We had lots of laughs with their fun, hyper conversations.

18. Children laughter and excitement.

19. Gatlin and Judah play so well together. They are both very sweet and thoughtful.

20. They wanted to sleep in the same bed together. We tried it for about 5 minutes. But, never one of them could settle down. They laughed and laughed and laughed. I remember those days… bedtime laughter with your best friend.

21. My friend sent me another home-made card. She has no idea the timeliness of her card.

22. I love the worship song by Hillsongs, Oceans. That song has really ministered to my spirit lately.

23. God has my best interest at heart.

24. God is a good God.

25. My faith can be made stronger.

26. Trust is a choice and I choose to trust Him.

27. Hopeful.


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