Selah~Day 256

Saturday, February 1

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and Gatlin woke up early because they were both excited to play with each other. I am so glad they are having this time together.

2. Gary is off work today and he will get to see my grandmother too.

3. My grandma was alert when we got there to visit with her. Time is precious right now.

4. I happened to be in the room when the doctor came in. It was nice to hear the information first hand.

5. I am able to help my parents gather information as they make plans to transition my grandmother to a nursing home facility.

6. My family had a nice lunch together.

7. We had a very relaxing afternoon.

8. Gary and Judah both got to take naps.

9. My mom and I enjoyed watching hallmark together.

10. Pastor Marcia gave me a lot of great insight and information in the skilled nursing home search.

11. I enjoyed some great conversations with my sister. I love getting to visit with her.

12. My husband is so kind, gentle, and caring. He always puts others first.

13. Family support through difficult times.

14. Caring facilities that care for the elderly in their final days. This takes a special calling and I am so thankful for places that have the elderly at the heart of all that they do.

15. Nothing has gone as originally planned for my weekend. But, I am okay with that.

16. We realized he hadn’t paid close attention to the weather forecasts when we went shopping at Crest tonight. It was crazy packed. I am so glad Gary and I went together. We work well as a team and cut our time in half.

17. The management at Crest has a superb team of supermarket employees. I am so impressed with their facility and their attitude towards the community. All lines were open and everyone was friendly and it was chaos.

18. Clean public restrooms…I know…I have mentioned this before, but it is big in my book.

19. The medical staff was able to get my grandmother comfortable after a very tough evening of pain.

20. God’s truth is a powerful weapon against the schemes of darkness.

21. Light always pierces the dark.

22. There is life even after death.

23. Jesus gives us eternal life.

24. Technology in weather forecasting.

25. My mom and sister decided to leave late in the night to avoid the bad weather coming in. They made it safely.

26. I am so glad they decided to leave when they did or they would have been snowed in with us and my sister would have missed her lasik eye surgery appointment.

27. My car is parked in the garage tonight! I love my garage.


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