Selah~Day 257

Sunday, February 2

My 27 Thanks:

1. We woke up to beautiful, huge snowflakes falling to the ground.

2. The roads were not too bad for travel.

3. Almost every one of my leaders made it to church. They are rock stars!

4. We had a great morning of ministry in every department.

5. Mr. Dan, one of our security leaders, bought me a breakfast bar at the coffee shop. It was completely unexpected and so kind of him. He is a super faithful leader and is passionate about his work. We are blessed to have him on our team.

6. Dan’s kids are so sweet! They are kind and so well-behaved. Every time I see those kids, they give me the best greeting and big hugs.

7. The KidMin team loved the new t-shirt design. They were so excited to have their new shirts.

8. My teen leaders especially loved the new t-shirts. I am so glad to have the best teen leaders on my team. They bring so much energy and fun to our team atmosphere.

9. Several of my kids are really showing spiritual growth. I love watching them grow in the things of God.

10. We debuted our medley song from Kids on the Move. It is a compiling of the hit songs we do in Kidz Ministry. The kids loved it and it wore them out!

11. I am so thankful for ministries who have the means to produce amazing songs and graphics for Kids Ministries and then they give those away for free.

12. We made it to and from church safely.

13. Gary, Judah, and I had a relaxing afternoon at home.

14. Gary and I got to enjoy a movie together.

15. We had fun playing chase in the snow. Judah had a blast throwing snow at us. We shared lots of laughs.

16. Gary stayed out in the snow a little longer for Judah. I didn’t last that long.

17. We ended our fun evening with a family movie. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 was cute and brought laughter to our home.

18. Judah sat on my lap the entire movie. He loves to sit on my lap and I treasure every moment because I know it won’t last too long.

19. One of my friends, Deborah, slid off the road and into the ditch on the way home from church. Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt!

20. Gary was supposed to go and check out his new fire station today. But, the roads weren’t great and he decided to stay home with Judah and me. I am so glad we had this unplanned day together.

21. Gary always puts his family before himself.

22. We say “I love you” all the time.

23. I told a new bedtime story to Judah tonight. He loved it and wanted me to tell it to him again. I love these precious moments with him. He helps me foster creativity and impromptu storytelling.

24. Unconditional love.

25. Affection. My family loves to show one another affection.

26. I really let my mind be at rest this afternoon and evening. Sometimes it is very difficult for me to shut off my mind, but I did today and it felt good.

27. Our words are so important. We can use our words to bring comfort and healing to the lives of others. I work hard at choosing my words wisely.


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