Selah~Day 258

Monday, February 3

My 27 Thanks:

1. Today is my friend Ava’s birthday! I am blessed to call Ava a friend. She is a bright light who always shines even in the darkest of moments. Ava is a “glass half-full” kind of gal. She is rock solid and a pillar in her community! She is also a great mom, a great leader, and a great friend. Her smile lights up the room.

2. My buddy Sam came home from the hospital. I am so glad this procedure is done and behind him. He is doing well and eating real food.

3. Medical interventions that make life more enjoyable when things go wrong.

4. I got many items knocked off my to-do list before lunch time.

5. Starla let me borrow her floor heater. I was freezing and that heater provided great warmth.

6. Starla and I had a good conversation about a deep topic. It was nice to hear her insight.

7. Abby found her keys. It bothered her greatly (our keys are very important).

8. Judah had a blast at school. He hates going, but once he gets there, he has fun.

9. I had a nice chat with another Antioch school mom. We are going to plan a play date for our boys soon.

10. I came home from work today and entered into a clean, pine-sol smelling home.

11. Gary doesn’t mind rolling up his sleeves and helping with house work.

12. Judah told me all about his school day. He was so proud of his paper that he cut. He is now learning how to use scissors. He also started writing his name.

13. Judah loves to learn.

14. Judah is an active learner.

15. My sister had a successful lasik eye surgery. I am so glad she finally got this done. She did have horrible eyesight. But, now she can see.

16. My grandma was able to sit up on the side of her hospital bed. She had to accomplish this task in order to qualify for a skilled nursing unit.

17. My dad and uncle spent the day looking for places that will care for my grandmother.

18. I am getting to teach my team in staff chapel tomorrow. I had time to prepare some while at work today.

19. I love to read. The more I read, the more I learn.

20. You can model the behavior you desire.

21. Gary and I pray specific things over Judah’s life every night.

22. Consistency.

23. We can talk to God and He hears us.

24. I was able to pray with a friend today and really encourage her.

25. Be Transformed, a new Monday night small group, started tonight. I am so excited that we are partnering with Scope Ministries. Be Transformed is going to change the lives of so many.

26. Change.

27. I am caught up on my Selah blog. I am thankful for this commitment.


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