Selah~Day 259

Tuesday, February 4

My 27 Thanks:

1. I woke up ready to take on the day.

2. I taught in staff chapel and I didn’t pass out. Despite what some may think, I actually get quite nervous speaking in front of an audience of my peers.

3.Policies and Procedures that give us direction, guidance, and boundaries.

4. Gary ran to the store for me and picked up the items we were contributing to the Staff Family lunch.

5. Our church team family lunch has been resurrected.

6. Everyone pitched in to both setup and tear down. Together everyone accomplishes more and the help of many make the work seem few.

7. Gary and I sat by Pastors Ted and Tami. We had a fun discussion about parenting. They even gave us some tips.

8. One of my teen leaders, Maci, is such a sweet girl. Her heart is so pure. Her smile alone shows her love for Jesus. I have so many great teens on my team.

9. We spent an hour focused on the dynamics of our Easter service. We are close to having it complete!

10. Opportunities to work ahead.

11. Favor with community venues.

12. My dad and uncle were able to get my grandmother settled in a beautiful, well ran hospice facility.

13. Hospice Care.

14. My dad has more peace now that his mom is settled in a good place.

15. My parent’s are really healthy and take very good care of themselves.

16. Lorry Gail paid me a surprise visit at work. She blessed me with a free coupon to try out a really cool, new online product.

17. Gary got to visit and tour his new fire station assignment today. He is really looking forward to his promotion.

18. Gary loves to make a positive difference where ever he goes.

19. We had Papa Murphey’s pizza for dinner. Quick, easy, and delicious.

20. My morning devotion was so rich with the Word and good information to apply to one’s life.

21. I can put on the full armor of God.

22. God goes before me and protects me.

23. I can be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might…Ephesians 6:10

24. God gave me spiritual weapons to use against the schemes of the enemy.

25. I have the victory.

26. Today is Maxton Gramlings 12th birthday. This kid has been such a blessing to our lives. There is truly not another kid on the planet like Maxton Gramling. His future is bright.

27. Rest.


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