Selah~Day 260

Today would be my grandmother’s last day on earth. Although she loved her life and lived it to the fullest, she is so glad to be with her sweet Jesus. In her final days, I heard her tell the nurse, “I don’t want to linger here on earth. I am ready to go.” Thankfully, Jesus granted her that desire and took her home.

For the past 20 years, she has been my only living grandparent. I have so many sweet memories with her. So, until we meet again in Heaven, I will hold on to those sweet memories of her food, fun times, and family stories.

In honor of her, my 27 thanks is for my grandma!

Wednesday, February 5th

My 27 Thanks:

1. My grandma, Yvonne Lee, made Christmas a magical time for all of us kids. My parents didn’t have much money at all when we were younger and couldn’t do much at all for Christmas. But, my grandma held no expense. She didn’t spare a dime and covered her living room with gifts for us. Nothing delighted her more than acting out in her love language-gift giving.

2. My grandmother has such a fun, active home. She had dolls and talking stuffed animals displayed in every room. Often, I would walk around the corner and her stuffed monkey would whistle at you. She loved sharing her baby dolls with us kids and watching us play with her dancing, talking stuffed animals.

3. My grandma took great care of people. She loved working as a nurse in the hospitals.

4. My grandma never forgot a story. She remembered specific details about our lives and could always share the sweetest, most fun stories about her grandkids.

5. My grandma had a swimming pool at her house when we were younger. She wanted us to come over all the time and enjoy her home. Her doors were always open.

6. My grandma loved to cook.

7. My grandma made extravagant meals for us. Her signature dish was homemade macaroni and cheese.

8. My grandma couldn’t believe that I didn’t like her macaroni and cheese and her chocolate gravy. But, she was okay because I liked everything else.

9. My grandma was super sentimental. She loved collecting and keeping.

10. My grandma gave me my first paying job. She loved how well I cleaned her home and would bless me financially.

11. My mom’s mother died when my mom was only 3 years old. But, my grandma loved my mom like a daughter. She loved making my mom feel special.

12. My grandma got to live across the street from us in Broken Bow, Ok for several years. I am so glad she got to have an up close look at our school years.

13. My grandma did her best to come to every pageant, school play, baseball game, football game, and other events that celebrated her grandkids.

14. My grandma loved to travel and before she got really sick, she got to visit many beautiful places.

15. My grandma had a messed up finger nail. As long as I can remember, it has always been deformed. When I was little, she used to tell us that a booger bug bit it off when she was picking her nose. So, we shouldn’t pick our nose either. For a while, we believed her. Her plan worked! To this day, I don’t know what actually happened to her weird, crooked finger nail.

16. My grandma loved her sons. Her boys were her pride and joy.

17. My grandma loved to shop. She loved to look her best.

18. My grandma wore the same perfume all her life. She had a specific sweet smell.

19. My grandma was so glad that I married Gary. She thought he was the cutest firefighter she had ever seen. She loved Gary and treated him like her very own grandson.

20. My grandma loved Judah. He brought the biggest smile to her face. She loved to listen to me tell stories about Judah.

21. Judah couldn’t say “grandma.” So, he has always called her “ma-maw.” Judah got to say, “see ya later” too.

22. My grandma loved movies. She would sit with us and enjoy a good animated movie as much as us kids. She loved old movies too.

23. In her final days, they were able to keep my grandma free from most of her pain.

24. In her final days, both my dad and uncle were with her at all times.

25. Her last words to me were, “Kara, I am so thankful that I don’t have to worry about your salvation.” Then, she turned to the nurse and said, “This is my granddaughter, but she is more like my angel.” Here words were gold.

26. I got to say “see you later” to my grandma. I loved holding her hand and bringing comfort during a difficult time in one of her final days.

27. My grandma loved Jesus and served the Lord faithfully. Because of her decision to follow Him, she is now resting in His arms.


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