Selah~Day 261

Thursday, February 6

My 27 Thanks:

1. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind.

2. God has given us a mind that has been delivered, rescued, revived, salvaged, protected, and brought into a place of safety and security.

3. My mind is guarded by the Word of God.

4. The Word of God can safeguard your emotions.

5. The Word of God defends your mind from assaults of fear.

6. The Word of God.

7. Again, I am so thankful for Rick Renner’s Sparkling Gem devotion. They are so rich with truths from the Word.

8. We got much accomplished in Creative Meeting.

9. Abby has been a huge help this week. keeping things moving forward which has allowed me to help my family during a difficult time.

10. I got to have a quick-lunch with Judah and Gary. Gary picked up McAlisters for us and brought it up to the church. I have such a sweet, caring husband.

11. We got to see Zach. He is home for a visit. Judah immediately wanted Zach to play a game of chase with him. They are cute friends.

12. Pastor Brandon and I had a great time meeting with Mindy and JaQuisha. They are a great asset to our team. And, I am so thankful for their care for our kids.

13. The future is bright.

14. My buddy Sam is home from the hospital and his recovery is amazing. He is doing well and gaining strength everyday.

15.  I got to take a gluten-free pizza to Sam. It is nice to be able to be a blessing. Sam was so thankful and excited to eat his special pizza.

16. Jennifer made my family a batch of home-made chocolate chip cookies. They were delicious and a great late night snack for my family. They were gone in a matter of moments.

17. My uncle is staying the night with us. I am glad that I have lots of room to host family.

18. I am so thankful for safety and protection on the icy roads. Thankfully, the people who I have been on the roads with are driving as safe and slow as I am.

19. I was able to go to the funeral home and help my parents with my grandma’s service.

20. John M. Ireland funeral home is a great funeral home to work with for a funeral service.

21. While at the funeral home, I sat by my uncle. There were many moments of tears and I held his hand. I am glad that I was sitting next to him.

22. Laura and Robert kept Judah for us while we were at the funeral home.

23. We made arrangements that will honor my grandma’s life well.

24. We spent several hours listening to songs and picking out ones that my grandma would love. It was nice to hear her kind of music. She had some good taste.

25. We all shared some of our favorite memories with grandma. It brought laughter to a sad time.

26. Gary was able to get off work for bereavement leave, so he can help me with some of the details of the days ahead.

27. Life after death.


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