Selah~Day 262

Friday, February 7

My 27 Thanks:

1. We had a very relaxing morning after a long night.

2. My sister, Haley, made it to my house before the bad weather hit SE Oklahoma.

3. We went to my grandmas house and found great pictures for her memorial video.

4. My friend and co-worker, Dustin, is making my grandmas memorial video.

5. Dustin is saving us both money and lots of time. I am so thankful for his offer.

6. John Ireland Funeral home is great to work with. They show great care and compassion to families who have lost a loved one.

7. As a family, we went to my grandma’s house for the first time since she became sick and was put in the hospital. She always had a bag of oranges and a cup of walnuts on the table beside her chair. They were sitting there untouched when we got there. I had to throw the oranges away:) Simple memories.

8. We went through lots of family photos and shared lots of great memories.

9. Photos.

10. My Aunt Mary gave us some great child pics of my grandma to put in the memorial video.

11. My Aunt Mary helped take great care of my grandma while she was alive. My grandma loved spending time with her sister.

12. This last year of my grandmas life, she lived next door to her sister. I am so glad that got to spend almost every day together.

13. The Fire Department shows such great compassion and care when a fireman looses someone in their family. Gary was able to take bereavement leave and be with me today as we assist my parents with memorial service details.

14. Fire Station 8-Red is our family.

15. Gary has worked with a wonderful group of men (brothers) for the last 7 years.

16. My sister and I have had great conversations today. It is so good to have face-to-face conversation with my baby sister. I can’t believe she is so grown up. I am 12 years older than she, so I practically raised her!

17. Gary loves my family as much as I do!

18.  Comet, my sister’s dog, loves Judah. He lets Judah carry him around, chase him, and hand feed him. Judah refers to Comet as “My best mend!”

19. My Uncle Danny is staying with us during this time. Being close helps during times of loss.

20. I made a big crock pot of chicken tortilla soup. It was a hearty meal and fed many mouths. I am so glad I had all the stuff needed to throw it together quickly.

21. My family loved it. My mom told me it was better than hers! Huge compliment.

22. We finalized the plan for my grandma’s memorial service. It will be a lovely, honoring memorial.

23. Working together with my dad and uncle.

24. Even though it is because of sad circumstances, I am enjoying time with my family.

25. My mom, sister, and me all snuggled up on my bed and watched a Hallmark movie together. It was a great distraction from the week’s events.

26. Love Stories!

27. I married my Prince Charming.


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