Selah~Day 264

Monday, February 10

My 27 Thanks:

1. My house has been able to host  lots of people over the last few days.

2. Every one felt comfortable and had room to spread out.

3. We all had breakfast around the table together.

4. Gary always checks in on the condition of my heart.

5. Judah gave me lots of kisses today.

6. Judah told me he loved me.

7. Our hot water has not run out! We all took showers within the same hour and everyone (7 people) had hot water!

8. My brother, Kyle, told me I looked beautiful.

9. Judah and the boys were great during my grandma’s memorial service.

10. Judah provided sweet, funny commentary during the memorial video.

11. Child-like innocence.

12. An understanding of Heaven.

13. My friend, Debby, came to the funeral.

14. Pastor Marcia and Dorothy were at the funeral. I am so glad that got to know a portion of who my sweet grandmother was to me.

15. We got to see many family members that we haven’t seen in a really long time. Every one grows up.

16. My grandma was honored well.

17. The Pastor preached an awesome message about being ready.

18. Funeral dinner ministry is a great blessing to people. Chisolm Heights Baptist Church in Mustang hosted us well.

19. My family had safe travels home.

20. All video and songs worked great-no complications.

21. I got to keep a beautiful plant from my grandma’s service.

22. I had fun picking out Valentine’s with Judah. He doesn’t understand though why he can’t eat all the candy.

23. Honesty. The cashier didn’t charge us for 12 heart-shaped tubes of m&m candies. How she missed it, I don’t know?.?.? But, when we realized the mistake on our way out the door, we went back inside and made it right. She was so surprised by our honesty!

24. There are still honest people in the world.

25. We had a chance to see my brother’s new chiropractic office. It is going to be beautiful!

26. Gary helped me clean our house. It smells like pine-sol (my favorite). All the blankets are washed and put away, laundry caught up, and dishes done. Now, back to life…back to reality.

27. Warmer weather is in our future.


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