Selah~Day 265 Thankfulness…As easy as ABC and 123!

My friend, Lindsey, and fellow 10K reasons blogger, wrote an ABC’s of thanks a while back. I liked her idea and thought I would use it to switch mine up a bit. There are only 26 letters in the alphabet, but I will figure something out for 27.

Here goes.

1. A-Apples. On most days, I eat at least one apple. My favorite are Gala and Honey Crisp. An apple provides more energy boosting power than coffee and it is much better for you. I love apples. I have been known to eat 3-4 a day.

2. B-Books. I love to read them. I am so thankful that God gave some the talent to use words to collect together in written form and make books. Books can take you on adventures, inspire you to be a better you, or make you dream again.

3. C-Car. I have a great, dependable, paid-off car. It comfortably carries my little family around and we can rely on it.

4. D-Deliverance.

5. E-Ellison Family. I am honored to be an Ellison. I love that group of interesting, talented, smart, and lovable creatures of the Most High God.

6. F-Freedom. It truly isn’t free. It has been provided to me sacrificial by men and woman who care more for others and the future of our great country than they do for themselves.

7. G-Gary. He is my helpmate, my best bud, and my loudest cheerleader. I love him.

8. H-Hendrickson Family. I love them all so much. They receive me as their very own and treat me with kindness, care, and overwhelming love. They are fun, caring, and quirky people. I love them.

9. I-Integrity.

10. J-Jesus and Judah. Jesus gave me life and every good thing in it. One of the best blessings He gave me is Judah. Judah makes my heart smile everyday. I am so honored to be his mommy.

11. K-Kisses. Gary always kisses me goodbye and Judah loves to shower his mommy with sweet kisses.

12. L-Love and Laughter.

13. M-Memories.

14. N-Neatness. I love being tidy and neat. I am thankful for the neatness qualities my parents taught me. I am also thankful that Gary is really neat too. We are neat together! Neat is a funny word to say over and over and over again…it is really neat…try it.

15. O-Obstacles. They cause us to think, find solutions, and grow stronger.

16. P-Peace.

17. Q-Quirks. I love sweet, endearing quirks. They set people apart and make them extra special. I have quirks, my sweetheart has quirks, and some of my other most favorite people have quirks.

18. R-Redemption.

19. S-Stories. I love to hear the stories of people’s lives and I love to tell stories. Judah loves my stories. He is my biggest fan. He has made me a better storyteller.

20. T-Trees. I grew up in a neighborhood in Broken Bow, Ok called Bellpine Estates. It was called Bellpine because of the large, beautiful pine trees. I love trees. I wish we had BIG trees in the neighborhoods of South OKC.

21. U-Understanding.

22. V-Volume. Don’t be jealous, but I have always had great volume in my hair. I have to give credit to my “super bone tail comb.” My college roomie, Jahni Suzanne Tapley, introduced me to the Super Bone Tail Comb in college and my hair has never had a flat day since.

23. W-Water. I am thankful for the LIVING WATER, as well as drinking water. It is about the only thing I drink. I love cold water and I drink a lot of it on a daily basis.

24. X-X-Rays. Even though I almost pass out when looking at the insides of body parts, I am thankful for X-Ray technology. Also, it was the only thing I could think of that started with the letter X.

25. Y-A Yielded Spirit.

26. Z-Zeal. I love energy and passionate pursuit of one’s desires.

27. Judah knows his ABCs and I love to hear him sing the song to me.


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