Selah~Day 266

Wednesday, February 12

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary got to sleep all night.

2. He enjoyed his first shift on the green at station 31.

3. I enjoyed hearing his stories about his first day. He has a lot to learn.

4. I slept better than usual too.

5. Judah was excited for school and couldn’t wait to have his Valentine’s party.

6. Holly helped me decorate the Easter Egg Candy Drop-Off area.

7. I came in $75 under budget. Holly is skilled at coming in under budget.

8. The drop-off site turned out so cute. It is better than I expected.

9. Abby drove to several Wal-Marts so we could get enough of the black binders for our training manuals.

10. Quality is in the unseen details.

11. Gary came up to the church to help me sort Sunday School curriculum.

12. I enjoyed spontaneous hang out time with Holly.

13. My job is flexible and supports parent involvement with their kids.

14. I got to go to Judah’s Valentine’s party. Gary got to go too. He was the only dad there. Sometimes his days off fall perfectly for involvement.

15. The moms of Judah’s class make each party so fun. They are a sweet group of ladies.

16. Mrs. Stacy told me that Judah is great–sweet, polite, and quiet.

17. I had a great conversation with the Watoto’s. We were able to clear up some questions and move forward. I am excited for their visit.

18. My Father-in-law’s surgery went well today.

19. I was able to get a lot of work done from home.

20. Quick, fairly healthy dinner options. Biscuits and Eggs never fail.

21. The kids loved the opening ceremony game in Wednesday Night Kids. They were so hyped up!

22. Gary leads songs well. I love how he has grown in confidence on stage.

23. Pat and Rochelle have blessed our kids ministry with great snacks. Our kids are so blessed by this.

24. Judah made me a really sweet hand print glitter craft.

25. I love great nights of ministry. Tonight was a good, smooth night.

26. Jesus > and Superhero!

27. He is my best-friend.


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